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Adlandpro – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Times have sure changed since 1998   not only on the web, but the business of Adlandpro and of course myself.

To give you an idea of how things were back then, here is a video of how things were done with computers and talk about slow surfing,  this is a  trip down memory lane!

Back in 1998 Google was still in Beta and who would have thought that there would be such a thing as Facebook, Twitter or G+?

image of Google back in 1998 when it was in Beta

Hotmail was the email of choice back in 1998 and what a thrill it was for everyone to be able to get one of these free accounts.

what hot mail looked like in 1998|Adlandpro

… and then there was AdlandPro!

image of older template of Adlandpro

To give you a real idea of how everything started back in 1998, I found in the  Adland Digest the very first message, dated May 26th,1998 and it starts with:

Greetings to all Adlands’ List Members

Many changes have been made to further utilize this list for all of
your benefit. Many of you may not even realize that you have
subscribed to this list. Sometime in the past you posted an ad at the
Adlands Classified site. There was an option to join an email list.
Some of you may have noticed periodically an ad with the adlands
address. Bogdan Fiedur is the owner of the site. Myself and most of
you have joined our sites’ classified listings to form one larger
database. Bogdan has completely redone the site and you will notice a
big change in the appearance when you visit again.
One of the changes involves the effectiveness and use of this list
which includes having a moderator….

It makes a very interesting read by the way and I invite you to go through these wonderful letters because it will show you how things were and what a history it has been.

Today Adlandpro is evolving and growing with the times and the needs of what people are wanting today.  Our “small” community is growing and networking in a dynamic atmosphere, our “data base” is more sophisticated and has a far wider reach and yet the feeling of Adlandpro the community is one of family and that is something I am very very proud of.

I welcome you to Adlandpro  of today where we will continue to build to fit the needs of our members, where our members are important and where we will help you build your business  with honesty and ethics.

Adlandpro today 2013


Many thanks to @hongkiat for helping me find these wonderful images.  I am truly grateful!

Bogdan Fiedur

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