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Many victories at Adlandpro

Things are getting better and better at Adlandpro. Many victories and more to come 🙂


  1. klagoosh says:

    Nice to see your smiling face here, Bogdan!

  2. clairmont2101 says:

    Hello Bogdan I can see many changes in the Adlandpro Community,Adlandpro is one of the best advertising sites i have found.The Marketing and Social Mixture makes for an exciting fun place to use as a home base for our online marketing needs.Plus and Gold Memberships Rock we’ll worth for any marketer to seriously check into.The New Features Adlandpro is adding are great.Thank you for the great report.

  3. Great to see you blogging ( about time…lol) Adland is making many changes and from what I am seeing, these are good and positive changes that will be of use for many people. Looking forward to see what you do on this medium…it can be fun, exciting and boy a learning curve.

    Keep in touch

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