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Congratulations to Reinette van den Berg

In the beginning of December we have asked our members
to visit the Adland Page and like it.

The prize is 6 months of Adlander Plus Membership for
one lucky winner!

……and the winner is Reinette van den Berg

Here is what Reinette won:

–Targeted Direct Contact with 6000 credits each month.
This allows you to send direct emails to registered community members.
More credits can be purchased to contact more members.

— 15,000 Impression credits/month. Display your text ads or banners at the top of Adlandpro pages.

— Ability to contact your friends through email.

— Monthly community ad blast (1 per month).
Your ad will be sent to the entire community membership in a special bulletin.

— Renewable ad. Your ad is being renewed every half an hour and pushed to the top
of the category where it was placed.

The value of this prize is $161.70

There is more info about this program here.

Again congratulations to Reinette van den Berg!!

Bogdan Fiedur

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