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Is Working from Home that easy?

While browsing the news ( which includes social media) I came across a Facebook status  by Jim Allen111 that intrigued me

Facebook Status|AdlandPro

As seen on the graph below,the best jobs in America are work at home jobs and that is something that I realized many years ago when developing AdlandPro as a way for ordinary people learn how to network and be able to garner success for themselves using the AdlandPro Community.

What I find interesting is the fact that what is not mentioned in this news article by Robert Hill, is that for all the successful Work at Home  jobs on line, there are many who would scam people, which is another reason why AdlandPro exists, to help people find and share jobs that are legal and ethical. Like any community, sometimes things slip past us, but our track record of finding out about those who would harm people (scammers) are soon shut down and sent packing, is one of  my highest achievements and something that we make a high priority.

While we all love the imagery of sitting in our sleep clothes making lots of money is indeed a dream for many people, the reality is that working at home means learning how to market, learning how to network and like any job it requires work.

One of the advantages of being on a community such as Adlandpro, is that I (with the help of the members) have created tutorials to help people understand marketing and when you talk to the people who are active on Adland, you will soon see that working at home can be successful when following those people who are experienced and can take you by the hand to learn how to market and be successful.

I would love to hear your thoughts about “working  at home”  What tips would you give people who are thinking of joining the ranks of working online?


  1. Roger Beck says:

    Thank you ! Important stuff !

    • Thank You :-). I do feel it important to share what I think and feel in the hope that it will help others when making decisions and lets face it, when figuring out what to do when it comes to working at home, then people deserve to know the facts or at the very least, give people food for thought.

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