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Feature: Why Adlandpro advertising is more effective than Facebook advertising

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Reason #1

People resent Facebook ads – Facebook started exclusively as an ad-free networking site available only to university students who had to register with their university email addresses. It later opened to the general public and was promoted as a free service, which would always be free to its users. Fast forward a few years later and Facebook is saturated with ads and whether it is true or not, users are beginning to fear that free exposure on their “Like pages” is being taken away to make room for paid advertising services. The problem is that Facebook reached 900 million users by selling the idea of a free and safe Eden to socialize with their friends, when they were really collecting information to use for a massive advertising program. Facebook users are annoyed by the presence of ads all over what they feel to be their own private domain and if you are buying out these ads, guess who is invading their private domain – YOU! Imagine having your friends over for coffee when a salesman knocks on your door and starts selling you weight loss products right in the middle of your living room, it’s unsociable. Tolerance levels are getting low enough for Facebook advertising, that softwares like “Facebook Purity” are being developed by third parties to block Facebook ads.  Adlandpro (for those of you who don’t know, is a free classifieds site existing online since 1998) is different than Facebook because users come to browse for products and services and don’t feel bombarded by advertisements while they are busy doing other things. You aren’t invading their personal space, they’re coming to find you! Adlandpro does the work of finding people who want to buy, then you insert your product or service, and sell. This is the reason why Facebook users are resentful of the products and services they are being sold, while communities like Ebay, Etsy and Adlandpro thrive when new products and services are added. It’s what the people want.

As Investors Fawn Over Facebook, Poll Finds User Distrust, Apathy

To learn more about this, check out this CNBC article, “As Investors Fawn Over Facebook, Poll Finds User Distrust, Apathy“. Or Forbes article “GM Says Facebook Ads Don’t Work, Pulls $10 Million Account“.

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