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Q&A: Advertising| What am I doing wrong?

Bogdan Fiedur, CEO helps a person understand the reality to marketing

I was asked a question a while back, that many people, have asked all the time in one form or another concerning advertising and marketing:

 Ceo Of AdlandPro answers a question about Advertising

Question:”I have been Create a Free Ad for a few years now and not one sale, tell me I’m doing wrong?”

It’s a great question and one I am so glad this person asked because it gives me a chance to talk to all of you a little bit about the truth to  marketing and advertising.

The CEO answers a question on advertising

Answer: After being CEO of Adlandpro for many years,  I have seen people come and go and many have the same expectations when it comes to marketing and advertising  – place an advertisement( in many cases that is what a person was told to do) and then watch the sales come in – WRONG!

The fact is placing an ad, whether it be free or paid is probably the least important part of marketing and advertising.

Before sending you a tutorial about the basics of advertising there are few things I would like everyone to consider.

 1. Do you have the skills necessary to become a marketer?

Working online is a job and while we all might want to have the easy life and have “money” coming in with no work, the reality is that you need to learn a new way of talking, you will have to learn how to write advertisements, you will have to learn how to organize yourself, you will have to learn how to use different tools, but most important with the advent of social media, you will have to learn how to leverage social media into your marketing strategy.

2. Do Your research.  (I know everyone says that but what does that really mean?)

check the track record of the business you wish to join, whether it be an affiliate program or MLM. The fact is every business you encounter is different and all will have advantages and disadvantages. Some programs or sites will be easy to use ( comparatively thinking) and some will be so complicated the difficult that getting involved may not be the wisest idea.

 – check to see if the program you are joining will give you support and training. Marketing is about skills and learning many things from autoresponders, learning email marketing and so much more.

 – Its easy in today’s economy to fall into the hype of get rich schemes and they are fairly easy to see when you know what to look for. They are obvious in their hype of “Get Rich now!” They don’t give your the slightest clue about how you are going to get rich or they will misdirect you..this means by the way that when you typing in a web address, but redirects you to a different address… run for the hills!

 3. Define your budget.

How much can you afford to spend on marketing and advertising and just as important how much time can you or will you want to spend on this type of career? (Adlandpro has both a classified ad department where you can place free ads that you can target by country or local location as well as a social community that is geared for marketers/network marketers.) Learning from your support network is going to be important when you think about costs in money and time so defining “budget” is an important consideration.

 4 Learning how to write.

When it comes to working online in any capacity, you need to learn how to write both in the social context as well as the advertising context. Understanding how to do such things as writing a headline, being innovative in how you approach people and learning how to not spam people is just a tip of the surface when it comes to writing.

Have I given you food for thought? Good, then I have helped you think about what you are doing before you do it!

Working online has its own rewards and there are many ways to create that income for yourself… being your own publisher, affiliating with reputable companies as a couple of examples and as the CEO of Adland, I want to make sure that you find the best way to succeed no matter what you do.

I really hope that this talk has been helpful to you and if you are interested in marketing then I invite you to come to Adlandpro and meet other people such as yourself and learn about marketing, from members who are known for their expertise in their fields, connect with like minded people and yes promote what you are doing in an environment that will be advantageous to you!

As promised here is where you can find tutorials on Advertising…enjoy!

To Your Success,

Bogdan Fiedur

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  1. Thanks for showing me this post Bogdan and nicely said! There are a few points I would add ( if you don’t mind 🙂 ) When it comes to the world of marketing and advertising ( and no I am by no means an expert) I would also have to include learning how to have a follow up system for your customers as well as “downline”, learning how to use testimonials in an ethical manner so that people will want to listen to you. I know many people talk about “freebies”, which lets face it, people love, but to be sure that what you are giving away is something of quality and not second or third hand junk. I am a firm believer of blogging, but that being said creating your own website ( not a replicated one) would be the ideal way to show off what you are doing adding quality content and information…. the fact is that when you have your own blog or website, then you can ( in theory) create many ways to have an income by harmonizing what your niche is ( example: if you are interested in dogs, then having different products and services all relating to dogs) along with great information for dog lovers, then getting the word out is to me the best way to create a good steady income.
    Marketing and advertising is an incredible career, but having all the facts and hearing the good and the bad, will help anyone and everyone come to a good decision!
    Thanks for telling it like it is…hope people listen!

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