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Network at Adlandpro for Free and Grow Your Business

I was just searching for articles about Adlandpro and have run into this one which was written in 2007 by Yahoo! Contributor Network Alicia Bodine.  Things are still the same 5 years later.


AdlandPro Website Success Course – 2 – Automating your work!

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In today’s lesson, we will show you how to set up  a form on your website and how to automate your  work.


1. Forms

As we have seen, a successful website needs a way to capture  visitors’ email addresses so that you can make follow ups.  If you don’t, you will be losing 70% of your potential customers.
You need to both remind them to come back to your site and inform them of special offers or new products or services.

If you are paying for website hosting you almost  certainly have a cgi-bin which allows you to set up a form. Some free website hosts however do not give you  a cgi-bin because of security issues. In any case we are going to show you in tomorrow’s lesson why free hosting is not always best (Many paid website hosts now offer an amazing selection of forms and other scripts that can be installed anywhere you like on your website with only a few clicks.)

Basically a form works like this. Once you have downloaded a form script and read the instructions, you need to upload it to the “cgi-bin” on your website server (where you host your site). You then put some HTML code on your webpage. When someone fills in the form
and clicks on the “Submit” or “Send” button, the information is sent to the “cgi bin” on your website server. The script you have put on your server “handles” this information and sends you a copy.

There are some free scripts available but there are also concerns about the security of many of these.

One solution to building your follow-up and mailing lists without having to be concerned with the technical details of form handling, or if you do not have access to a cgi-bin for your
website, is to use an established and reputable third-party service until you are more technically experienced and you are looking to grow, rather than establish, your automation capabilities.

All you will need to do is copy the html code that is generated by your service provider and paste it into your webpage. Your provider will give you access to a control panel from
which you can manage all your follow-up and list maintenance needs.

2. Using Autorepsonders

Most internet users expect immediate replies to information they request on the web. If you put out an ad, you have to be prepared to respond.
Visitors don’t want to wait 2 or 3 days. By using an autoresponder, you will be able to reply literally within a couple of minutes.

This course is being sent to you from an autoresponder!

You, too, can set up a form so that it submits the request for information to an autoresponder address. You will not have to worry about following up manually which can be very time consuming. Or, you can provide a clickable email address for your visitors to subscribe.

An autoresponder will also allow you to follow-up as many times as you want and it is a well known fact that most prospects only become customers after the 3rd, 4th or 5th follow ups.
(This is why very expensive commercials run over and over again. The advertisers know that they have to keep repeating the ad until they gain new buyers for their products or services.)

In one of your follow-up messages you will need to make a call for action. If you don’t ask your prospects to buy, the chances are that they won’t.

Many free, or hosting provided autoresponders have limitations in their features and most users will find that they only just get set up and working to discover that they need their autoresponder to do more to get real benefits.

Use your autoresponder to:

– deliver giveaways (like this course) to your website visitors

– publish your newsletter

– market products and services by building an opt-in list that you own and control

– provide information,updates and new offers to your subscribers

Autoresponders have become an essential marketing tool, and their use has increased greatly as more and more businesses have automated.
Plus, you don’t need a website to take advantage of autoresponders.

1) They drastically reduce the amount of work you do.

2) They reduce the possibility of sending out the wrong reply to the wrong address.

3) They do not rely on a person being at work at a certain time to send out email.

4) They allow you to make follow-ups efficiently.

5) They give you more time to concentrate on promotion and marketing.

For your website success, we recommend that you follow the link below to obtain the benefit of automating your follow-up and List Marketing:


To read abut our system go here.

You will be able to:

– create unlimited message sequences

– import and export contact addresses

– manage all functions with your own control panel

– create website subscription forms

– create subscription pop-ups

– build, own and control your own subscriber lists

– respond to all enquiries and visitors promptly (even when you’re not online!)

3. List Building

Every successful marketer will tell you that the most valuable asset that you can develop online is your own mailing list(s).

AND, the more targeted that your lists are will be reflected in the results you get from a List.

Building a list, however, takes time if you want to have a list of value, rather than just big numbers of email addresses that are untargeted and largely unresponsive.

If you are building your list on the basis of a Newsletter or Ezine that you write and publish you must be able to devote regular time to it and provide your readers with content of value.

What if there was an easier way to build an opt-in list based on a newsletter that:

– was written for you….

– was available for 3 targeted audiences….

– contained your advertisement….and,

– was sent to your subscribers for you?

Website Success is partly about making it easy on yourself and working smarter, not harder. Don’t reinvent the wheel!

During this course we will introduce you to many resources and services that make it possible for you to be “up and running” without all the time, learning and development required for you to achieve a comparable product, resource or service on your own.

This Opt-in List Builder could possibly be the most valuable tool to contribute to YOUR website success.

The Opt-in List builder gives you 3 newsletters targeted to audience topics of:

1. Marketing & Promotion

2. Internet Business Building

All three lists are completely turn key. We do all the work. We provide the content and do the mailings. Your own job is to bring in subscribers using our custom subscription scripts. As an added bonus, every newsletter going out will have your custom ad inside.

It doesn’t get any easier. You build your opt in list and we do all the hard work.

This is STEP 2 in your Success Course – Place the subscription code on your webpages
– Create the ad you want to go out in the newsletters
– Build your targeted list on automatic



In tomorrow’s lesson we are going to show you how your website hosting
can mean the difference between success and failure!

Take care,


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A picture is worth a thousand words.


Can you afford $7.38 to receive 734 visitors through pay per click advertising?

E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop – Part 1 – Design/Plan Your Entire Year

Refer to Introduction here.

Hello again,

I hope you had written down all accomplishments and not-so-good accomplishments in your four areas of success during previous year. Spiritual, Relationship, Health and Business.

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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 1 – Your Product!

 The AdlandPro Website success course has been created for all of you who are looking into creating an online business and I will be teaching you the basics from the product you want to sell, web design and so much more…

Shall we begin?



Do you have a website yet ?

If the answer is YES, then you need to ask  yourself “What is the purpose of the site ?”.
The World Wide Web is gigantic with over  14 billion pages (Indexed  Web,Tuesday, 22  January, 2013), and if you do not FOCUS  now on your website’s reason for being, you will waste a lot of time and energy.

If the answer is NO, then go to our special  Website Creator where you  will be able to create your own FREE website!

This will allow you to design a simple but effective website. You can  choose between a variety of attractive templates and you don’t have to learn any HTML or FTP.

Either way, this course is for you!

A website is essential to doing business on the internet and it can really increase your marketing exposure.
You must treat it as a marketing tool!

That is why the first 2 lessons concentrate on the product you want  to sell and how to automate your online business. Then we will  show you how to develop your website to market with maximum effect.



Give away something FREE from your site – not just anything, but something  which is useful to your visitors. There are now so many free newsletters  that this is no guarantee.
You must be able to give your visitors VALUABLE information that they are  looking for, and give it for free.

Here are three ideas which won’t cost you anything, but which will benefit  you if you implement them.

# 1.  You can use THIS very Website Success Course to give away free from
your site.

That’s not all!

If you sign up for the affiliate program mentioned in the course – which  is free to join – we send this course for you with your affiliate id as  part of each link mentioned in the lessons of this course. YOU will get paid commission from anyone who requests this course from  your site and buys our services. Offering of this course on your site  is as simple as pasting piece of html code and saving it as part of your page.

That is what is very unique about this course. You benefit 100%.
All website owners want to know how their website can be more successful, whatever product or service they are selling. That is why THIS course is an excellent promotional tool for your site, whatever you are selling.

Place this piece of text on your pages and in the emails.

[Request 5 Day Free Website Success Course By Email.
Send blank email to the following address.
1234@followup.adlandpro.com ]

# 2. Offer free newsletters to your subscribers. Again, those who subscribe  from your reference will not only receive free newsletters, but all links  contained in it will have your affiliate id, thus increasing your chances  on earning your income as an affiliate.

Enter the following piece of code below on your site which will take up  just a very small small area on your page.

<!–AdlandPro Opt-In-List Service Start–>
<!– Don’t modify this code –>
<SCRIPT language=’JavaScript’

<SCRIPT language=’JavaScript’>
<!–AdlandPro Opt-In-List Service End–>

SECRET No.2  Make follow-ups once a visitor has shown an interest.
Most of your online sales will come after the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th follow-up. Your website should be used to get your customers  interested in your product, but if you don’t follow up, you will lose  them. You therefore need a means of capturing their email addresses  so you can make follow-ups.  To do this you need to set up a form on your site.

To get visitors to leave their email address takes us back to SECRET No.1  – offer something free which is of VALUE to your visitors. Let them know  that if they sign up to your free newsletter, they will get access to  your WEBSITE SUCCESS COURSE. If you use the word “BECAUSE”,  your newsletter subscription will double!

We will be looking at forms and follow-ups in tomorrow’s lesson.


Before designing or re-designing your website, you need to ask yourself
“Do I have the right product?”

Information is the internet’s number 1 product! ALL website owners want  and need information on how to promote, market and SELL from their sites.
If you already have a product or service that you can easily market on the net, you should also start your own affiliate program.

What better way to make sales than to have a sales force that is active 24  hours a day, 7 days a week, making sales for you while you are asleep.
If you visit http://www.clickbank.com , you will find out how to start  your own affiliate program – selling YOUR product! There is no better way to market your product or service online than to have an army of affiliates marketing it for you!

If you don’t have a product of your own, don’t worry!   By the time you finish this course you will!  If you already have a product you might be thinking “If I market other  products from my site, won’t the sales of my own products be affected?”
Well, you are absolutely right here – but the answer is not what you think!

The products that we have selected are special website related resources which will help any business increase their sales. They are also products you can sell from your site by simply inserting a few lines of HTML. And  some of these products pay you as much as 50% commission on each sale.

There are a number of things you need to look out for when joining an affiliate program.


1. A *growing* line of *high-value* and related products

Your products must have HIGH value or the affiliate program will not get off the ground. Also it is a proven marketing fact that a customer who has already bought from you will buy more of the same or similar products again. If you don’t follow up and offer your customers your new or improved products you are losing out on the power of *leverage*.

2. A *high* first purchase commission.

This is what encourages affiliates to attract and refer new customers. NEW REFERRALS are what you need to *build* your online business.  A 5 to 10% commission just won’t cut it.

3. Your customers become *lifetime* customers.

By using “cookies” a good affiliate program will place some code on a visitor’s computer. Whenever the same visitor returns to buy a product, you should be able to get the commission. You should also get a commission from *repeat* sales – because with a high-value product,  a satisfied customer is 70% more likely to buy again than a new visitor.

4. A *multi-level* commission structure.

The affiliate commissions are based on a multi-level system. Your commissions are not only based on your direct sales but also on those of your affiliates – your sales force.
You get a percentage of all sales made by the affiliates under you
– and this percentage increases with the volume of sales – so it is in your interest to help your affiliates sell by giving them your knowledge.

Affiliate programs that offer a one-off commission on your direct sales will never help you *add value* to your business.

Once you have selected an affiliate program that meets all of the above conditions you can start selling. Make sure you choose a good product!

Check this page to see for programs which satisfy all above criteria AND will help you to make SALES. And by the way, this is essential reading for every website owner!

Our FREE Website Success Course teaches you 5 basic requirements of a successful website. The 6th requirement is the ability to make your site sell your product or service!

Although you will learn a lot from this FREE course, you cannot sell it to make money – BUT you can sell these products and many others.

5% of people make things happen! 95% watch what happened and many of those wonder what happened!

Tomorrow we will show you how to put a form on your site and how to automate your online business.

In the meantime, take care!


Bogdan Fiedur

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E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop – Introduction (Can your last year’s failure be this year’s success?)

Some years ago I have offered workshop on successful business creation for limited group of members. I’ve been in online business since 1998 and I can easily admit that I have failed as many times as I have succeeded. Probably I failed more times than succeeded but it doesn’t feel that way if you have something you can enjoy.

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Twitter Lessons of Thou Shall Not…..

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