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Not Your Typical Valentines Day Post

Like everyone else, I am also looking at Valentines day to figure out what to give my wife this year and while this is trending like crazy, I found it interesting that Google in its intuitive manner has been helpful when I typed in “Valentines day” Such phrases came up ( thank you Google) as
Valentines’s day 2013
Vanentines day ideas
Valentines day cards
Valentines’s day crafts
Valentines day gifts
valentine’s day movie
valentines’s day ideas for him
valentine’s day gifts for him

hmmm no Valentines anything for her ( does Google know something I dont know?)

Anyway… yes Valentines day is a time honored time to show the gift of love to those you love ( I count my children by the way to give a gift to :-)) and for a change and for those of you who are getting a little tired of hearing the regular chit chat on Valentines day ( I’m almost getting tired of hearing the phrase myself at this point), I decided to be different!

Exploring Valentines Day

While most of us are looking at being unique or creative on this special day  Alex Caroll plans to auction a 20-million year old naturally heart shaped timepiece of Bali star Coral on February 14, Valentines Day.  By the way the starting bid is $1 million dollars!!

Most expensive Valentine's gift, rarest necklace for auction|Bullion street|Adlandpro

In Finland the people do not celebrate Valentines day like most of us do, instead they have “Ystävänpäivä  which when translated means “Friend’s Day”

The day is celebrated by lovers as well as friends and there is a general atmosphere of enjoyment and merry-making in the air. This is the day when friends send well wishes and cards to one another. At the same time, it is a very popular day to get engaged or married to one’s partner.

 In Finland, Valentines day is called Friendship Day|Adlandpro

For those people who are not into mushy things then you can always get Romantically Gruesome Plushies  and thank the artist Tina Waltke for some very quirky felt creations to give to you loved one( the good news is that they really are sweet and adorable)

Artist Tina Waltke makes these fun gift sets for Valentine's Day|trendhunter.com|Adlandpro

…. and if you decide that being single has advantages then this infographic is just for you ” Happy Single Awareness Day”

The Clever Valentines Day Rocks Sucks Diagram Breaks Down the Stats   Infographic by Rebecca Byers on Trend Hunter|Adlandpro

Now that we have had some fun exploring Valentines Day and you still need some ideas on what to get, then don’t forget that online classifieds have some fantastic deals and  Adlandpro has many items such as  jewelry, collectables… who knows what you may find

Happy Valentines Day!

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