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Try it You’ll Like it | A Trip down memory lane with Retro Commercials

On Adlandpro we have a member ( Christina)  who has started a forum which has become very popular called Retro Humor and the pictures being shared and the comments made are truly a blast from the past and today I decided in keeping with the theme of “retro” to share with you this fantastic YouTube video titled “60’s Commercials”

I have to wonder about these classics as they all had messages that talked to “gender”,they all talked to improved lifestyles and in many ways the commercials were a way to seduce consumers to want more, to be more and reflected the times of creativity and change.

While we look back on advertising in the 60’s some people might say ““Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break” and others will smile and say that it was “the real thing“!

…and while online advertising was the furthest thing on peoples minds back then, we learned lessons of how NOT to advertise.   Take for example  “Come Alive, You’re in the Pepsi Generation!”  While this slogan was very popular  during the 60’s in the United States when they took it to China it became a major fail – why?When translated “Come Alive, You’re in the Pepsi Generation!” turned into:

“Come out of the grave alive with Pepsi.”
“Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead.”
“Bring dead ancestors back from the dead with Pepsi Cola!”

(If you want to read more about Failed Advertising Slogans then you really have to hop over to Tammy Swallow’s hub page and be prepared to laugh)

While we watch these different commercials it makes me realize that while times have changed and now we live and work and advertise more online than ever before, and our focus on advertising is different in many ways for all the naysayers who go Humbug, I will leave you with the immortal words

” Try it You’ll Like it!”

Try it You'll Like it- a trip down memory lane with the most memorable Alka-Seltzer|Adlandpro

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