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AdlandPro Website Success Course (7 Days) INTRODUCTION

Years ago when I was starting out with my internet business, I searched for information about basic concepts. Out of this I have created a material which I later have turned into a course which was offered to my visitors and affiliates. With each coming year this course has been modified and adjusted. The course has been revamped again and today I will start publishing this course and here is the first lesson.

AdlandPro WSC – Introduction.
AdlandPro WSC part 1 – Your product and affiliate program!
AdlandPro WSC part 2 – Automating your work!
AdlandPro WSC part 3 – Domain names, hosting and e-commerce!
AdlandPro WSC part 4 – Design!
AdlandPro WSC part 5 – Promotion!
AdlandPro WSC part 6 – Power of Affiliate Marketing
AdlandPro WSC part 7 – Increase Your Potential

If you are not familiar with AdlandPro, take the time  to have a look at our Classifieds Directory which is one of  the top advertising networks on the Internet – our website  (established in 1998) is now ranked in the top 5000 sites  in the world!

While you are there, enter your free ads:

There are so many people trying to establish a  successful online business, but over 90% of them  will fail in the first year for 2 reasons.

First of all, many website owners give up when they don’t see results. The reason they don’t see  results is they try and do the same as millions  of others, and if everyone is doing the same  thing, there is less chance of YOUR website being  noticed.

The second reason is that most people will not  take their website design and promotion  seriously. You must not think ” If I build it
they will come!” OR “If I promote they will  buy!”.

This course is different because it gives you the  tools to create your own success. It does not  simply direct you to certain mailing lists or  classified sites where millions of others will be
doing the same thing.

One thing that ALL online businesses need is  information; more specifically, they need Internet  training, whatever business they are in, and the  internet is expanding exponentially.

Part 1 of this course shows you how important it  is to have a product that sells and the 2 secrets  to a successful site.

Part 2 will show you how to automate your  business. Put it on autopilot so that you have  time to develop your website and concentrate on  the promotion and marketing.

Part 3,4 and 5 are about how the choices you make  in design, promotion and hosting can mean the  difference between a success and a failure.

Part 6 and 7 how you can maximize your effort and  return from it.

We will show you how to use this course to start  your own business selling the same resources that  are demanded by all websites. You can apply the  principles of this course to selling your own  product or to products we will show you how to  market.

Either way, your aim should be to establish a  LONG-TERM steady income flow, not just a one-off  sale like most of the get-rich-quick schemes.


Kind regards,

To read this course on Adlanpro go here.

Bogdan Fiedur

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