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New feature coming to Adlandpro.

We are nearing the finishing line with the “Credit Builder”.
Members will be able to earn now credits as follows.

One time credits

– having profile picture (one time) 50 points
– having location (one time) 50 points
– having about me (one time) 50 points
– full name entered (one time) 50 points
– interests picked (one time) 50 points
– subscribed to digest (one time) 50 points

Action credits

– logging once a day 20 points
– accepting friends 10 points
– accepting invitation to event 10 points
– following someone 10 points
– joining forum 10 points
– joining group 10 points
– getting likes 10 points
– getting referrals 10 points
– getting replies to your thread 10 points
– reading personal message 10 points

In addition each month the person who accumulated largest number of total points will receive cash prize.

Members can either redeem the points after a month or accumulate them and redeem them when they get larger number of credits at a later time.

They can redeem them 1:1 for traffic exchange credits, impression credits, direct contact credits or for an item e.g. Ipad.

Please watch for the notification about starting of this program. Probably next week.


  1. Ken Wolff says:

    Thank you for the updates on this new feature in Adlandpro! Now earn credits and cash!!! Can it get any better than this? Ya know….I think it will! Just when you thought it could not get any better it does in Adlandpro!

  2. Hi Ken, Nice to see you are around. I hope you like the feature so far. As we continue, we will integrate it with former POTW program.

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