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3 Ways to Create Traffic to your Affiliate Program

Affiliate traffic

Affiliate traffic

Many people ask about how to get traffic to their affiliate product, service or blog and for many people it is an issue that rears its (ugly) head on a daily basis.


1. Being active. For anyone who is business, the fact is if you are not promoting your primary business consistently, then nothing will happen.

2. Believing in your business. When you read what Branka is saying, what comes through loud and clear is her “passion” and that is one of the most compelling reasons for people to visit ( in her case AdlandPro) your primary business. It really is not Rocket science

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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 9 – Increase Your Potential

Adlandpro Gold Pacakge

Adlandpro Gold Pacakge

In the last topic, we discussed how you should assess and use your affiliation with a program to build an attitude that  will help you to create and support your own network.

In this topic we will take this one step further, to look at the  benefits of upgrading your affiliate membership once you are  focused on developing your business base through:

  1.  Having a clear understanding of your objectives and goals
  2. Understanding the tools and resources that are available to you through the program, and
  3. Using those tools and resources fully and effectively.

As an AdlandPro Affiliate, you now have additional tools and  resources available to you that will take you to the stage where  upgrading your membership to the Gold Member package is part  of a natural and logical process related directly to the needs you  will have to “grow” your business activity.
One resource that you should now access is a “how-to” tutorial  about using AdlandPro, aimed at helping to maximise your use  of resources.

To get this 6 part course, send blank email to
adlandpro@followup.adlandpro.com and put  “My Success Plan” in the subject line.

(if you haven’t done this yet)

When you reach the point that you find you have a need for ALL  the tools and resources available at AdlandPro – it is time for you  to upgrade to Gold Membership.

For a start, it is cheaper for you than purchasing individual tools as  an Affiliate – all tools are part of the Gold Member package.
But there is more. There is no question that your credibility in product,  service and referral marketing is enhanced if you have invested in and  use the products that you promote.

  •  as a user you know that they work, and how
  • as a provider of support to your network you have knowledge and also  demonstrate your commitment and approval by investing in a paid  membership
  • your “user” cost reduces
  • you obtain further benefits as well as access to a new network the  network of other Gold Members

The greatest benefits however relate to your increased ability to generate  a residual income from AdlandPro services, in particular from the  Gold Member upgrade.

As a Gold Member your commissions are increased to 30%

With growth in your network of affiliates you have sponsored you will already be earning commissions on the AdlandPro services they are  using each month.
Now is the time to pass on the learning processes that you will go through, first as an Affiliate, then on upgrading to Gold.

The experience you pass on to your network progresses and motivates THEM as they follow the path you are taking to Online Success.
The more you are able to support and grow YOUR network, the greater success you will have in assisting marketers you sponsor:

  • develop from Free Members to become Affiliates
  • create their business base as affiliates, and
  • upgrade to Gold Membership

Just think, if it should take you even a year to bring 100 sponsored members through to the Gold Member program that is nearly $800 EVERY month in residual income, month, after month, after month as they renew their membership.

Now have a look downstream of this; you are also earning:

  • advertising display credits for your network (and your own) visits to AdlandPro

This gives you network advertising exposure, generated by others, that you created through your network marketing

  • cash bonuses for your network visitor traffic
  • commissions from sales made (2 tiers) by your network
  • commissions from sales that you make personally, NOT just on AdlandPro services, but on other products you have chosen to promote using the platform that your Affiliate and Gold Membership provides you with.

We make no false promises about earning millions overnight.  As we have said throughout this course, success comes from following sound practices, your “can do” attitude and anenvironment that encourages and supports you.

AdlandPro provides that environment at all program levels.  Your Gold Member upgrade can be made from your member  area or the link below:

You can also request 4 part email sequence, first, to learn more about Adlandpro Gold before you upgrade.
Send a blank email to GoldIntro@followup.adlandpro.com  with the subject line, “Help me Go Gold!”

I wish you EVERY success!

My warmest regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

As a Gold Member you will, naturally, find similar resources to this course  to “settle” you in to getting the best benefits possible!


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Quote Cover.com – Social Tools

Social Tools - Quote Cover.com

Social Tools – Quote Cover.com

When Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing, everyone knows that you need social tools and resources to help make your life easier and on my page I have been slowly collecting a fine library of social tools for everyone to use and share as needed.

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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 8 – Power of Affiliate Marketing

Adlandpro Affiliate Marketing

Adlandpro Affiliate Marketing

In Lesson 7 of the Success Course we mentioned the power  of Affiliate Marketing.
Today I will show you why you should harness this power –  and how to do it, with a reputable well-positioned program.

Choosing the right Affiliate program is the first step, and in time Affiliate Marketers may be members of a number of different programs that meet different needs.

When assessing Affiliate Programs, some of the key factors that should be considered are:

1. Incentives and Benefits

– Is it worthwhile investing your energy in the program?
– Is the program based on REAL products and services and not smoke and dreams?
– Does the program offer access to resources that are of real and usable value, that you need and can market?
– Can you promote the products and services as a user, not just as a marketer?

2. Reliability

– How long has the program been established?
– Is it well hosted with a minimum of downtime?
– Are there testimonials you can check that establish reputation?

3. Confidence

– Are there statements relating to Privacy and Terms of Service?
– Can you be confident of transaction security and tracking?
– Is there accessible contact detail that identifies the website or Program owner?
– What level of support is offered?

4. Suitability

– Is the program compatible with your business goals? (and does it add value)
– Are products and services of quality and reputable?

We see these factors as essential to succeeding as an Affiliate as your identity and credibility becomes linked with the quality and values of programs you affiliate with and promote.

The secret to affiliate marketing is not in your ability to market or promote any particular products or services BUT to develop the ability to market and promote YOURSELF.

– the program, products, services and resources are your tools.

Certainly, you will look for returns in the form of commissions on the products and services that you market successfully yourself.

– however, the benefit you obtain from the sale of products and services by others you have sponsored is THE SUCCESS FACTOR in affiliate marketing.

Your primary objectives must be:

1. To market the PROGRAM to others – who become members of your network and YOUR sales force.

2. To develop a relationship with your network members that goes beyond “making a one-off sale” to them in the form of a referral benefit or commission.

3. To provide support and the benefits of your experience to your network members that is not focused on selling To them, but BY them.

From this basic understanding and approach you create your ability to generate ongoing streams of income from a motivated and active network.

The final part of this series will discuss how you can create this passive, or residual income through upgrading affiliate membership once you have established the foundations for your success.

The AdlandPro Affiliate Program meets and exceeds all the criteria identified as success factors in this topic today, and throughout the Website Success Course.

The choice is now yours! You are invited to act NOW to establish the foundations for YOUR success and join more than 100,000 Affiliates at AdlandPro:


In addition, you can request our 6 part email sequence to learn  more about our program before you join. Send a blank email  to: adlandpro@followup.adlandpro.com
Put  “My Success Plan” in the subject line.

Here you can review another article about affiliate marketing.

Kind regards,

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Bogdan  Fiedur


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