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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 6 – Website promotion Part 2

See previous lesson on web promotion

Website promotion

Website promotion

Pay Per Click (ppc) Search Engines


With ppc search engines, you bid for the ranking of your keyword and only pay each time a visitor clicks on the ad or listing that is associated with your keyword. The benefit
of this is that your visitors are targeted to your keyword.

There are now many ppc search engines and you must choose carefully which ones you use. PPC services like those offered by Google and Bing can be quite expensive, so you need  to calculate the conversion rate of your clickthroughs to sales so that you don’t end up paying more for the visits than your returns justify.

There are also many “emerging” ppc engines that do not have the volume of visitor traffic to deliver you with visitors over a reasonable period of time so you can find you have
promotional cost invested that is not being used.

A new concept being introduced by AdlandPro is “Paid Keyword Advertising” Through this you can associate keyword(s) with your ads at AdlandPro (even the free ads) and bid to determine how high they are ranked in search results. With a high traffic site like AdlandPro you can be sure of good targeted results, so get in as soon as they are available to get the benefit of best prices before the bid cost increases.

Check it out here. http://pk.adlandpro.com

Search Directories

There are many search directories on the internet that are specialised and have an audience related to their particular category. Links placed at these directories automatically act
as a filter for targeted visitors for any appropriate products and services that you can place links to there.

Some goods example are the Yahoo search directory and the Open Directory Project (or DMOZ), which let you suggest a site, and only Yellow Pages (which are paid listings).

If, for example, you wanted to be listed in the Yahoo directory, http://dir.yahoo.com , look for “suggest a site” or “add URL” on their webpages, follow their directions, and make sure you
put your site in the correct category.
The same basic rules hold true at http://www.dmoz.org/

When you are trying to get your site listed in a directory, make sure you put it in the right category, or it will not be accepted.

– browse through the categories and click the “suggest a site” link wherever you can appropriately add your url.

It takes a while to get listed in these directories, but these listings have a good lifetime – they are permanent links.

Yellow Page ads are also good listings, but they are not free.

Classified Advertising

There are many classified directories that you can place free ads and links in. You will find a selection of these on Yahoo and other directories.

If you want to place free ads that you can enhance with various advanced options, the AdlandPro Classified Network is definitely the place to start.

Enter your free classified ads at:


Traffic Generation


There are many programs that help you to build traffic sources by exchange methods. With these you get a ratio of impressions of your banner or ad that relates to the websites that you visit that are in the program, or links clicked through by visitors to your website.

The most commonly used (with resource link) are:

– Banner Exchanges

– Traffic Exchanges

– Link Exchanges

browse for some to build your traffic at:

With some traffic exchanges you can get a false impression of visitors, when it is really just other exchange members clicking to get credits.

With the AdlandPro system there are a number of ways that you can earn credits and the dead click problem is solved as all visits are optional – resulting only in qualified and responsive visitors to your website.


Writing Articles

Perhaps one of the most effective means of wide exposure for free is to write articles and comments for targeted newsletters published by others.

The core be

nefits of this are:
– you are reaching subscriber lists that others have built
– you are putting your name and url “out there” and can establish and reinforce your credibility with well written topical articles and comment.
We believe the Adland Digest to be the best moderated discussion list there is on marketing, promotion and income generation. All the content of the Digest is contributed by an active readership, and you are able to participate in this in many ways:

– responding to articles and comments

– contributing articles and comments

– reviewing other reader’s websites

– requesting reviews of your website

With more than 30,000 readers, the Digest is a valuable forum or learning and introducing yourself to others pursuing online business activities.

You can visit the Digest archives – and see for yourself, here:

Email Promotion

We believe that email marketing and promotion must be approached with care and responsibility. Resistance to unsolicited commercial email  and spam is rising with the sheer volume that is flooding mailboxes.

(If you don’t know what spam is go to any search engine and type “spam.”)

If you are serious about developing a long-term, successful business activity on the internet, being seen as a “spammer” will damage your reputation and credibility, and will inevitably lead to risks of other penalties as legislation is introduced in your various markets, and as the very people you are trying to reach become more and more  resistant.

Opt-in Email Lists

The solution, to avoid these risks, is to ensure that you use verifiable opt-in procedures when building your Mailing Lists.

Using professional services and/or software is also part of the efficiency path to success through automation.

– Subscribes and unsubscribes are automatic and immediate
– Follow-up sequences can be set up once and require little maintenance
– Don’t waste bandwidth on “bad” addresses and frequent bounces (you can verify and set remove conditions)

Offering free reports, courses, downloads or other value to your visitors is a proven method of increasing the subscribe rate to your newsletter or mailing list. A targeted mailing list with responsive subscribers is the most valuable asset that you can develop for your promotional platform.

BUT, you must give value to your list and not just PROMOTE to them – a mailing list gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with your subscribers.

Along with this opportunity comes the responsibility of treating your new customers with the same kind of care and respect you would expect for yourself.
Don’t waste the long term benefit for a short term profit.

As discussed in a previous segment of this course, Autoresponders that allow you to set up a sequence of messages are a powerful promotional tool. Many purchase decisions are not made until the 4th or 5th message has been absorbed (and progressively reinforced)
– just remember that at that point your promotional material (needs to)  lead to a sale –

If you don’t ultimately tell a viewer to “click here” or “buy now” it is most likely that they won’t.

To review and refresh your knowledge of the benefits of building YOUR list with the AdlandPro opt-in list builder, autoresponders or advanced advertising options, decide now – and follow the link:


Email Signatures

You send emails every day.

Do they all have a one line pitch and the URL of your website  under your name?
If they don’t you are losing valuable exposure.

Simply check the options in your email program and set up  signatures to promote your website or merchandising pages.
Don’t overdo it – many find more than one signature line link offensive.
Finally for this section (which could be a book on it’s own) don’t overlook the promotional power that you create for yourself as an active affiliate recruiting others to a good reputable program.
The people you sponsor become part of YOUR sales force, and anything that you can do to motivate and support them will repay you many times over.
Because Affiliate Promotion is such a powerful platform for promotion we have added a further two lessons to this course that will show you how, as an affiliate of an established and reputable program, you can use some actual products and services to put you on the path of success.

Good luck with your website!

Next Lesson…

Bogdan Fiedur.


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