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Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 3

Adlandpro affiliate program

Adlandpro affiliate program


Are you ready for lesson 3?

In lesson 2 you learned how to create a free account,  place  an ad and join the traffic exchange program.  If you completed this, you will have earned 500 displays of  your ad at the AdlandPro Traffic Exchange Network.

Now the next step will be to upgrade yourself to an affiliate.
This is very easy process and will just take 2 minutes of  your time.
You will need to fill out a few extra fileds and your account  status will be changed to an affiliate.

Follow these steps.

Access affiliate page.

Read terms and conditions, and how the program works.
Click check-box which say I have reviewed and agree with terms and conditions
and click “Continue” button

You will be asked to login and setup wizard will start.
Follow all step of the wizard and answer questions.

At the end of the process email automatically will be sent to you with your affiliate linking code.
You can always get your linking code and instructions on how to place it from this page.


We will now need to approve your account. Typically after you place your link and someobdy

clicks on it, we will be notified and will automatically approve it. If your affiliate status is still not approved, just contact us here.

Now to make best out of your affiliate program, here below are some sample ads which you can use to  promote it. They advertise three different services.

– change them around if you wish – remember, that you get paid (as an Affiliate) a 20%-25% commission on any sales made.

Make sure that the userid after “ref=” in each link is replaced with your unique id.
In addition you have large gallery of  per-written letters which can be found here.
There is list of banners and additional linking ideas to be found here.

Sample Ad 1:

Your ad renewed every hour for a month

Have your ad automatically renewed at the top Classified
Advertising website on the Internet.

For only $9.95 this will keep YOUR ad at the top of the
classified listings.


Advertising, Classifieds, Promotion, AdlandPro,
classified_ads, Marketing

Sample Ad 2:

Must have opt-in, tracking and autoresponder tools

Don’t be taken in by services that charge $19.95 per month  for the use of these tools.

You can get them for less than one-third of that


Tracking, ad_tracking, autoresponder,
autoresponders, mailing_list, opt-in

Sample Ad 3:

Serious tools for serious marketers

This long established website is the market leader in
Advertising and Promotion.

Monthly membership includes unlimited autoresponders,  ad-tracking, advertising impressions and more.

You can even have your opt-in mailing list built for you through your own newsletter with all content supplied
– and your ad promoted.


autoresponders, tracking, newsletter,
promotion, marketing, advertising

Placing the ads in your free account
(as well as anywhere else you can place them without spamming)  is the start to becoming familiar with the processes  of promotion at AdlandPro – and the beginning of exposure  of reliable services that you can market and earn from.

Did you know that you can also get a free email account  and a free website as a Free Member of AdlandPro?

Well – you can, and you will find them at the links below:

Free Website Offer


Free Email Offer


Kind regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

AdlandPro FREE World’s Classifieds

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