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Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 4

Adlandpro affiliate program

Adlandpro affiliate program

If you have followed the plan of the last 3 lessons  (1, 2 ) you will have upgraded to become an Affiliate of AdlandPro and enjoy the further benefits that this brings.

One further benefit is that you can now place an unlimited  number of free ads.
To create or modify ads – or check your ad statistics, login at:

You will see several tabs accross the page.
Home | Ads | Ad Services | Tools | Affiliate | Profile | Tr Exchange

Click on tab |Ads | or tab |Ad Services|
From here you can view and modify ads and create new ones

If you want additional exposure for your ad, you can get more impressions, make the ad renewable or place it in  the Adland Digest, which goes out weekly to more than 30,000 readers.

When you are finished with your ads, click on the “Affiliate”  section and we will show you how to earn more from your traffic to AdlandPro.

On the left you will see a link for “Link Code”
Click on this and you will find a page with code and  instructions on how to link your page to AdlandPro.

If you have a website that you can add pages to  click on the “AdlandPro Cusom Page”

When you add this page to your website you will get  5 traffic credits for each visitor from the page – instead of the 3 credits for traffic from an ordinary link.

Follow the instructions to copy the code and add it to your website – if you are not sure how to place a link  use your back button to get some detailed instructions.

When you have added your custom page to your server, access this page to update the URL of your custom page.

Once your custom page info is provided, we will submit it once  a month to directories and search engines for free.

Now that you have your custom page set up, have a look at the  AdlandPro services that you can promote to earn commissions.

For quick access to the Affiliate Linking Codes:

1. from the “Affiliate tab” select “Link Code”
2. Select “Various direct links to resalable service and other pages”

And that is it!
You will find Link code for all resaleable services with your ID  already inserted. Just copy and paste into your website  or promotional email.

Kind regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

Next lesson..

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