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Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 5

Adlandpro Mailing list builder

Adlandpro Mailing list builder

See lesson 4

In Lesson 5 we will look at 2 useful tools that can help to make your marketing more efficient, professional and successful.

Online marketers agree that the most important resource that you MUST develop is a mailing list. The more targeted  your List is, the better the results it will produce for you.

AdlandPro offers 2 tools to help you build your list  and for those who are just getting started, our Mail List  Builder is designed to make it easy for you to build  a well targeted list of subscribers.

All you need to do is place html code on your website so that your visitors can subscribe to any (or all) of  the Newsletters – on topics of:

1. Marketing & Promotion

2. Internet Business Building

There is nothing that you have to do to publish these  newsletters – they are produced and hosted entirely by AdlandPro and sent out to the subscribers  you get to sign up – with YOUR ad in it.

To find out how you can benefit from having your List  built for you:

1. log in to your Member area
2. Select the “Tools” tab
3. Click on “more” next to Mailing List Builder

To see just how good these Newsletters are
– visit the Archives:

Business Edition


Marketing Edition

To start building your List, go to:

The second tool is also something you can not do without

– Autoresponders

Giving something of value away (free ebooks, reports, courses etc)
– in exchange for a subscription to a List is a proven method of list-building, but your mailing management needs to be automated.

You write a series – usually 5-7 marketing emails and set them up to be automatically sent out at whatever  frequency you choose.

A delay of 24 hours between messages is usually a good idea

With both of these list builder tools, subscribers opt-in  through the code you place on your website. This gives you  confidence and protection from spam complaints
– but even better, the quality of leads and prospects  who choose to opt-in are generally superior.

Again, from the Tools tab in your Member area you can click on “more” to get additional details of  the benefits of Autoresponders, and how to use them.

To get your Autoresponders, you can follow this link:

Gold Members of AdlandPro obtain benefits that include  Monthly Advertising credits, the Mail List Builder,  Autoresponders, URL Tracking – and more…

Have a look at how you can benefit from Gold Membership:

Kind regards,

Bogdan Fiedur


Next lesson…

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  2. […] Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 5 […]

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