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Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 6

Adlandpro Traffic

Adlandpro Traffic

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The most powerful revenue stream that you can create provides you with recurring income, month after month.

AdlandPro Gold Membership is all about giving you the  tools and resaleable services  (along with a powerful advertising medium)  to generate an expandable monthly income that grows
with your skills and the resources you develop.

We provide Gold Members with all of the tools and resources outlined in previous lessons in a single package.

Then we add even more benefits to make this package a complete income generation and resource support center.

Gold Members enjoy the following package of benefits take a look – then we will outline how you can use this to earn a renewable monthly income.

1. Your commissions are increased from 20% to 30% (plus traffic credits for 2 levels)

2. Receive 5,000 impressions each month on a Traffic Exchange Network.

3. Your ad automatically renewed every hour on one of the most-visited Classified sites

4. An UNLIMITED number of free ads on the AdlandPro Network

5. Free email

6. A free 7 Day Website Success course by email

7.A free subscription to an active Marketing and Promotion Discussion list with 25,000 members  (learn what others are doing, get some exposure)

8.URL and Ad Tracking

9.Unlimited Autoresponders

10.Mail List builder – Targeted Newsletters with your ad go to YOUR subscribers

11. A supportive learning and earning environment.

Join AdlandPro as a Gold Member today and we will:

* provide you with all the benefits listed above

* prepare a step by step blueprint for you to follow using your Gold Member tools and income opportunities to build and sustain an internet income.

Join now…  enjoy the future


Kind regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

AdlandPro FREE World’s Classifieds

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