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Adlandpro Gold – How To Start Your Adlandpro Gold Virus

Adlandpro Viral Marketing

Adlandpro Viral Marketing

Adlandpro’s Gold system is extremely powerful because it combines the awesome power of Viral Marketing with the ease of duplication.
The real online heavy hitters have learned to Harness the power of Viral Marketing.
Viral marketing is when you put a product in place and others help promote it for you.
What makes viral marketing so awesome?
Picture a young boy standing by a lake skipping stones.

Every time he throws a stone in the water it begins a ripple effect, until the ripples reach the other side of the lake.

On the internet there is no other side to stop the ripples. Every viral action you set into place can travel the globe and back.

Over time your viral marketing efforts will start out as small ripples and gradually build into a tidal wave.

That’s what makes the Adland Gold system so powerful.
Once you have your web page set up every marketer who signs up under you is helping promote your links.

Best of all there is no limit to how many marketers you can have promoting you.

So how do you set up your custom page?

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with AdLandPro.

I have been consistently receiving email with numbers of hits and requests to network.
I am gaining a great deal of exposure and it is international.
I think you have a wonderful site and I am highly satisfied with the results that I am getting.”


Login to the affiliate members area (custom page)

If you have your own website, click on the link that says AdlandPro Custom Page. Once inside click on the link that says Get HTML.
If you don’t have yet your own customizable website, use blogger or wordpress.

That’s the html code you’ll need to set up your custom
AdlandPro Classified page on your website.

Once your page is up, start promoting it. The more traffic it gets the more marketers you’ll have signing up to promote your site.

Even marketers that don’t sign up for our affiliate program will earn you banner and ad impressions on our 100,000 +  member sites.  Once (free or affiliate) new member
joins our site from your reference, every visit he/she makes  to our site later, will earn you at least 3 credits.
No matter how this person arrives to our site, from bookmarks  or from some other place, you always earn credits.

As an added bonus, many of your visitors will purchase  our value added services which pay you 30% commissions  for life.

You draw the traffic and our services will sell themselves.

You’ll earn banner impressions, ad impressions and cash.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

To check all other options or sign-up go here.

Yours truly,


Next lesson…

Bogdan Fiedur

Adlandpro Gold

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