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Is working from home right for you?



Working from home


When I think about whether working from home is right for any person, I remember a story that Richard Kiosaki told in his book “Poor Dad- Rich Dad”. He talks about his two dads who had two very different mentalities about money. One had the mentality of an employee and the other of a business owner. Both dads believed they were giving correct advice although they were advising exactly the opposite.

His “poor” dad told him to choose employment because it offered job security and corporate ladder, where he could become somebody after years of being promoted. The “rich” dad asked him to choose the path of an independent business owner because that way he could work for something that he owns.

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Google Plus does it really help you?

G+ community

Google plus,  G+, should I say Google+, sometimes I get confused which way to say it!

I still remember joining ( going to say) Google+ and being one of the very first to see what it was all about. As many of you may know I love trying new things not just out of curiosity, well maybe a bit of curiosity, but more to understand and figure out how something might be useful.

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Due Diligence in the 21st Century

Real Scam

Any so-called business can make any outrageous claim they want on a website. While some are blatantly obvious thrown together sites filled with typos, bad copy and erroneous statements, there are thousands of very slick, well-written, professional-looking sites. The crooks and con artists know how to fool people!
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Does free online classified advertising work?

Classified Advertising

4 tips on creating a winning ad to use on a free online classified site such as Adlandpro

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Can you really make money with Affiliate marketing?

Talk to my hand

Talk to my hand

When it comes to Affiliate marketing how many times have you seen this very same question as the title of this post?

Why do people keep asking ” Can you really make money with Affiliate marketing?” I guess in part because people really do ask that question and that’s O.K but I have a big problem with how some people who will try to say to you “…you can make money and never have to work at a job again”! My immediate reaction is – Talk to the hand and go sell your hype somewhere else!


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Adlandpro Gold Membership – How To Set Up Your Adlandpro Gold Autoresponder

Adlandpro Autoresponder

Adlandpro Autoresponder

As a part of your Adlandpro Gold membership you have five feature rich, follow up autoresponders.

Used properly these autoresponders are powerful weapons  in your marketing arsenal.

Our goal is your success.

When setting up your autoresponders for the first time, go here

Once inside you’ll see a button that will take you to our new follow up autoresponders. Click the button and your ready to put your marketing on autopilot.

The first thing you must do is your responder a name.

Choose a name that best describes the follow up series.  Select link “Manage Responders” and enter it in editable field.
Click “Add Autoresponder” button.

Now that you’ve named your autoresponder we get to the crucial step of setting up your follow up series.
Click link “Message Sequence” and choose autoresponder name for which you want to defined new sequence.

Format your messages the same as you would your regular email. To make sure your email series is set up with – out the lines running into each other, keep your lines
to 60 characters.

This line is 60 characters wide.

You want your follow up series to not only sizzle, you want it to be readable. There’s nothing worse than trying to read an email with run on lines.

Once you have all your messages formatted the next step is to determine the time lapse between each message.
Unless there’s a specific reason to add a longer delay between messages, set each message one day apart.

You also have the option of setting your messages up as html or text. Html allows more graphic feature rich emails. The drawback is some readers may not be able to
view html messages.


Adlandpro Newsletter

Adlandpro Newsletter

All readers on the other hand can read plain text.

Your autoresponder also has settings for placing an address the email is being sent from. It’s a good idea to set up a free email account for this purpose.

The free account will save you from having your regular email account clogged with spam.

You also have the option of setting up a header and footer that will go out with every message.

The header goes at the top of the messages and the footer at the bottom. This is an excellent time saving tool.

Any time you want to change the message at the top of your series, or the signature file at the end, you just change it once and it’s changed in your entire series.

It’s a lot easier than changing each message individually.

Once you’ve had your series running for a while you’ll notice there are some marketers that will begin spamming your autoresponder. To keep this from happening on a recurring basis you can set up filters to reject their emails.

It’s also a good idea to set up filters to reject emails from know autoresponder systems. There’s nothing more annoying than have someone sign up for your series using an autoresponder address.

As you can see these autoresponders have some advanced features. Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to set some if the more advanced features.

Not only are your adlandpro gold autoresponders excellent sales tools, they’re also good for building your opt in list.

If you’re using your autoresponders to recruit subscribers for your newsetter, you may want to use the redirect feature.

The redirect feature will take anyone who’s accessed your course to a page on your website.

A good way to pump up your list is to offer bonus freebies for signing up for your list. Set up a thank you page that contains the links to the freebies. Set your redirect to the thank you page and your list building will run on autopilot.



“Great! Thanks for the email. I’ll continue to market your site, as
it is really bringing in extra traffic and sales for me.”


I’m sure you can see how powerful these tools are for building your list. Well there’s more.

The internet insiders know that to get the maximum sign ups, you should have a method of subscribing to your list on every page.

Now you can by using our sign up forms. Just plug in what you want to know about your subscribers and the forms will be created for you.

Your form can be as simple as collecting the visitors first name and email address to collecting the subscribers full name address and phone number.

The options are yours to choose from.

Why stop at subscription forms on your website? You also have the option of creating pop up forms for your site.

You’ll have your visitors covered, coming and going.

You’re not done yet, you still have more tools to guarantee your success.

It’s an accepted fact that personalized emails have a greater impact than a hello or hi. Well you have the option of having all your outgoing emails personalized with either your subscribers first name, or first and last.

Set up this feature and every reader will feel like you’re talking directly to them.

You also have the ability to manage your database. You

Import Email Addresses

Export Email Addresses

Manually Add Subscribers

Manually Delete Subscribers

You also know who’s actively on the series and who has finished the series, but is still in your database.

Last but not least you can send a message to your list at any time. Send a special message to either your active members, or just to those that have finished receiving the email series.

Have a newsletter or message you want to send to both active and archived members? You can do that to.

This is powerful!

Adlandpro Gold Membership

Adlandpro Gold Membership

Combine these full featured autoresponders with all the other tools you have available as an AdlandPro Gold member and you’ll wonder how you got along without them.

For list of all Gold Member features go here.

Yours truly,

Bogdan Fiedur

Adlandpro Gold

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Blogging Tool – Zemanta

Zemanta Logo

Zemanta Logo

Zemanta  is a content and links suggestion plugin for publishers, bloggers and other content creators according to Wikepedia but to me it is much more than that!


Everyone who is creating content, understands that making your work known, relating what you say to other people, finding those appropriate references can be very time consuming. Most of the time, at least for me its not just a matter of finding content but finding the right content in context to what I am saying that is important and Zemanta is the tool of choice to accomplish my particular goals.


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