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Classified Advertising Tips

Classified Advertising Tip

Classified Advertising Tip

Classified advertising tips for affiliates – are you doing it right?

 by Dave Cottrell

Classified advertising has been around for a long time.  Most historians of classified advertising date the birth of printed ads to somewhere in the 1600s, when ads for lost or found items were nailed on posts and walls.  The first classified ads in North America were posted in The Boston News Letter,  in 1704.  The publication charged from 12 pence to 5 shillings to advertise everything from houses to buttons.   The concept did so well that it rapidly spread around the world.

So common is classified advertising, today, that many affiliates and others trying to sell online miss  its importance.  By ignoring classified ads as a way of gaining exposure for their goods  or services, they are missing a very inexpensive and effective way of advertising.  In fact, many online classified ad sites, like Adlandpro offer free classified ads as their basic service.

Free classified advertising on the internet offers exceptionally good exposure.   Whereas in times past, most people were limited to local advertising only, and had to pay for it.  Now, with online classified advertising, you can advertise locally, nationally and even internationally with ease.


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