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Adlandpro Gold Membership – How To Cash In With Your Own Mini Site

Adlandpro Minisites

Adlandpro Minisites

How To Cash In With Your Own Mini Site

For years marketers were trying to out do each other creating bigger and bigger sites.

They competed with each other to see who had the most:

* Content

* Free resources

* Educational material

While the competition was escalating among the majority of marketers, there were a handful of marketers quietly cashing in with direct response web sites.

These direct response sites were designed to do nothing more than sell … sell … sell.

They weren’t worried about content, offering freebies or anything else that would distract the visitor from buying.

If you visited their site you either bought or left. There was no in between.

A few of these marketers let the cat out of the bag and started telling others how much they were making.



“The more I visit Adland the more I am impressed by the site. Everything works the way it is supposed to work. You click and …no surprise! The site is clean and crip with main components repeated, so loading time is reduced. I did an impossible renovation job on my ad today, went back about 4 times to make sure it came out just right. Some other websites would have balked at my antics.

Adland came through with flying colours!



Marketers began realizing there was big money in these sites.

They only needed one to five pages to make the sale.

They no longer had to load their sites with tons of content.

They didn’t have to constantly update their sites.

They could just put up a direct response site and send traffic to it.

Many of these marketers found they weren’t achieving the same results as the big money earners. They didn’t realize that there was a duplicatable system for
creating mini sites that sell.

As an Adlandpro Gold member you have access to the tools necessary to cash in on the mini site goldmine.

The Adlandpro Learning Library worth over $1200.00 USD gives you the tools you need to cash in on the mini-site craze. You’ll find everything you need to start building
websites, managing affiliate programs, earning commissions and more.

To grab your copies, go to this link and then choose from 8 categories of resources:

For list of all Gold Member features go here.

Adlandpro Gold Membership

Adlandpro Gold Membership

Yours truly,

Bogdan Fiedur

Adlandpro Gold

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The Best Free Anti-Malware of 2013

The Best Free Anti-Malware of 2013

The Best Free Anti-Malware of 2013

It’s great to be able to be connected everywhere we go, although I am very happy there is a way of shutting these things off!

These days, you can do your business virtually anywhere, but there is something we all need to be aware of that all of these tools have in common: Malware.

Malware comes in many forms. It can be as innocuous as a small snippet of software called a “cookie,” set on your computer to keep track of your surfing and clicking habits on a website. Every time you log in anywhere, cookies are used. Most of them are not malware, per se, but they do load up on your computer, and if you never dump your cache, can slow your device down.

Malware, the kind we really need to be aware of, can be code that loads on your computer and collects information on all you do. This is called spyware. It can collect all kinds of data from your computer that you want kept private, in some cases including passwords and banking information.


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Content syndicating and Repurposing your blog posts

Scratching Head

Scratching Head

I would like to answer this question as it is a common question being asked on the Adlandpro blogging community. First off we need to give a name to the process of putting your blog or site content onto another site and its called content syndication. Content syndication is a method where people can put their post or article on many websites or directories and While there is a debate going on as to the value of this style of “content creation”, the fact is it is done on a daily basis. The reality from my perspective is that having the same content being put on a multitude of websites is not going to be valued as high as unique content and Google says that content that is deliberately duplicated across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or win more traffic will be dealt with accordingly.

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Conversions – what does that mean? And How do I get them?

by Dave Cottrell 

Conversions came up a while ago in a blog article  where someone said, “Everyone keeps talking about conversions and I don’t even know what that means.”

Simply put, a conversion is when a visitor to your website responds positively to your call to action. In the case of affiliates or online stores, that means they buy something from you.


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