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Why use free software? The simple answer is, because it’s free. However, there is a much better reason than that. Free software is often better than software that you pay for. It’s lightweight and uses fewer resources, it does what it is advertised to do very well, and did I mention? It’s free.

It makes sense to wonder why free software would, in some ways, at least, be superior to software you have to pay for. There are several possible reasons. Not all of them are true with every company, all of them are true with some companies, and none of them are true with a few companies.

First of all, many companies want you to upgrade to their premium, paid software. By creating a really superior piece of free software, they hope to impress you enough to upgrade.

Another possible reason for the creation of great free software is that its creators are software artists, creative geniuses who dedicate themselves to producing the very best software in the world in the Open Source collaboration. Open Source software is by far my favourite kind of software, because I know the people who have built it have done it for the love of programming. Software to them is like a blank canvas and paints to me. They will never settle for anything less than exactly what they imagined or better.


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