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Did you know? 5 Facts about Ebooks + 1 more

Did you know?

In 1949, Angela Ruiz ( a teacher from Galicia,Spain) patented the first electronic book ( ebook). Her reasoning?
To decrease the number of books her students had to carry to school

Wikipedia entry: Angela Ruiz - patents the first electronic book in 1949

Did you know?

 Ebooks are good for the environment! One tree can normally produce around 50 books, which would means you’d come out more sustainable after reading 50 ebooks.

Ebboks are good for the environment|Adlandpro blog post on Ebooks

Did you know?

eBooks can be interactive and contain audio, video, and animations, which can enhance the message that the author is trying to convey. Also with an ebook, you can include links, providing your readers an easy access to more information and related websites?

Ebboks are interactive |Adlandpro blog post on Ebooks

Did you know

Ebooks are great for people with disabilities.The text can be re sized to help those who are visually impaired and with the readers, the screens can be lit up for reading in the dark

Ebooks are great for the visually impaired

Did you know

That ebooks helps with the “buyer’s remorse? How many of you ( I know I have) bought a book either in a store or on Amazon ( because it looked good), just to get it home and let it sit on a shelf collecting dust? With an ebook there is the instant download and you can begin reading in minutes.

Buyers remorse after spending money buying a book and not reading it |Adlandpro blog post

Did you know

That Adlandpro now has a new service and one that I am very excited about?  I have created a New Catered Advertising and Online Store Services to E-book Readers and Sellers. With this new service you can buy, sell and even create your own book store and after reading the 5 “did you know” facts you can see a world of possibilities open up to learning more about Ebooks and what they can do for you.  Whether you are a first time author or want to extend your reach with books you have written, I am confident that this new service will be a viable option for you and your readers.

Create your own virtual book store with Adlandpro

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