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Social Media Connecting – how to maximize your reach

Social Media Connecting

Social Media Connecting

Social Media Connecting – how to maximize your reach

by Dave Cottrell

Social media connecting is a way to maximize your reach, if you do it correctly.

If you use social media connecting to blast out blatant advertising, you’re going to have a big problem, quickly. Either you will get blocked for spam, unfriended everywhere, or simply ignored. In any of those cases, you have just blown past rock bottom and dug yourself into a deep hole.

Social media connecting is the art of connecting together the social sites you belong to, so that when you send a message to one, it gets sent to one or more of the others at the same time.

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Google Plus does it really help you?

G+ community

Google plus,  G+, should I say Google+, sometimes I get confused which way to say it!

I still remember joining ( going to say) Google+ and being one of the very first to see what it was all about. As many of you may know I love trying new things not just out of curiosity, well maybe a bit of curiosity, but more to understand and figure out how something might be useful.

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Creating traffic using Social Media?

Creating traffic using Social Media?

Creating traffic using Social Media?


Tell your story
Obviously creating the most awesome epic content is important, but lets face it there are some pretty high ranking sites out there and the competition is fierce! How about we change that mind set to you creating content that is going to be of value and quality. Make sure you have really good graphics that will support your posts. Learn to write better, create blog post titles that are clear, offer benefits and you will get noticed and be credible using real data, social proof as examples.




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Social Media Marketing – What the heck is it?

Understanding social media can be confusing especially if you are into traditional marketing| Bogdan Fiedur

I had started to write a post about something totally different when I saw a comment made at Adlandpro that made me pause and realize a startling fact, while all the social media savvy people are talking about social media or social marketing with know hows and how to’s, there are many  people who really do not understand why social media/marketing is important to their business.

Most of my members are folks who grew up and came online during a time where throwing out links was the thing to do and it was a numbers game. Their focus is unbelievable by the way and if nothing else I would say to those who are experienced in social media, that we could learn a thing or two about having passion, determination and a consistency because these men and women have been doing their “form” of marketing day after day, year after year.

I know for myself, this social media stuff has been a learning curve, trying to figure it out, what it really means and like many of my members, the goal has always been about getting the sale, getting paying customers and what the heck does social have to do with anything?

So what is social media marketing? After thinking long and hard about it here is my definition:

Social media marketing is getting people from all walks of life in all the different social venues a way to see my business – to see me! When I talk to people about anything, then people are getting to know what I am about, my credentials if you will and I am exposing my business to the world -> this gets people interested ( I hope) with what I am offering and if people like what I am saying and doing, then people will want to join or buy the services I offer.

To further that thought when I talk to  people who are interested in what I offer ( like-minded) and show them with words and images that I am a human being, that I am interested in many things, when I share with people everything from humor, to interesting stories that will hopefully help them in whatever they are doing, then an amazing thing happens -> people come to me and over the last month or so, I am finding that this works -> traffic to Adlandpro is rising, people are interested in what the business is about and people to want to pay for the services that Adlandpro is offering.

quote by Miki Strong regarding Social media

I don’t have all the answers by the way, I am still a novice when it comes to social media, but I will leave you with this one thought –  If I can get people to like my page, like my tweet, like what I am offering just by talking to people, sharing good content, helping solve a problem and it comes back to me  with the Karma of people buying my product, then I will say to you – Social Media Rocks!

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