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Site Design Layout and hosting – Website builder

Website builder - Design and Layout

Website builder – Design and Layout

At this point you have decided what your business is and have a website name.
The next step in our process is to dive into website development.

Don’t be afraid if you have no experience in that area. This won’t be very difficult.

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Adlandpro Affiliate Program Introduction – Lesson 1

Today I’m starting new serious of lessons. This time it is about Adlandpro affiliate program.
This is 5 part tutorial sequences which will show you how you can benefit from being Adlandpro affiliate.

Here are the main ones.

  1. Free traffic to your site.
  2. Commissions up to 30% .
  3. Incredible free tools to build your own membership
  4. and establish a presence on the internet.
    1. free email address
    2. free website
    3. free traffic exchange
    4. free seven day website success course
    5. and more

4. Discussion list where you can ask questions related to internet business and get your site reviewed  in front of 30,000 subscribers.

5. Weekly newsletters with articles about promotion and building business on the internet.

The difference in our approach to help you establish your business on the internet, is in not to tell you how quickly you will make thousands of dollars (because we don’t believe in that)¬† but to show you ways, and give you tools to assist you:

  1. bring audience to your site,
  2. establish lasting relationship with your audience
  3. make your visitors return to your site over and over again.
  4. make good income from promoting our site

Remember business on the internet is like any other business and the more confidence you build, the more likely you will be able to communicate your message to your customers.

You are not trying to sell, but helping your visitors.
Offering solution to your visitors problems doesn’t even feel like selling. It is problem solving and this is why you not only will feel that you are growing your business but that your business¬† has a purpose.

Adlandpro affiliate program has a two level nature, meaning that people who join from your reference will contribute to your earnings.

Whenever you send visitor to our site directly, we will give you 3-5 credits which will be used towards display of your ads on our network. You will also be paid traffic commissions.
$5 for each 1000 credits earned and $2 from your referrals for each 1000 credits earned.
You will be also earning 50 credits for each new affiliate from your reference.

On top of this if we sell any of our products to anyone you referred, you will be earning commissions from 20% to 30%.

You can check this page to read what others have to say about our site.

We will provide you with more details in following lessons.
If you are ready to join, or for a closer look go now here:

Kind regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

Lesson 2

AdlandPro FREE World’s Classifieds

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