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A Primer on Landing Pages

A Primer on Landing Pages

A Primer on Landing Pages

I read a great post by Mike Allton regarding Landing pages which he describes as

A landing page is any page of your website that is specifically designed to communicate to a specific audience regarding a specific product or service, typically targeting a specific keyword phrase that you want to rank well on. One of the first misconceptions about websites that trip up a lot of business owners is that not everyone who visits your website goes through the Home page. Thanks to search engines and direct links on social networks or ads, people can go to specific pages of your site. A landing page is therefore designed to take advantage of that fact, and it is expected that someone who gets to a landing page went there directly, and never saw your home page. That new visitor is said to have landed on your site through this page.

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What is the landing page and why it is important?

The landing page for many people is like magic, something wondrous and alluring, but what about adding science into the mix? http://www.bogdanfiedur.info/the-landing-page-is-magic/