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My Nov 2012 trip to my home country Poland

Bogdan Fiedur in Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny, a scenic city in central Poland

Bogdan Fiedur in Naleczow, Poland

Ksiaze Jozef building in Naleczow, a resort town in Poland

Bogdan Fiedur in Naleczow Poland

Bogdan taking a leisurely stroll in Poland


Sharing Pictures of my Trip to Poland

A little factoid for you to know a little more about where I went on my holiday

small map of Nałęczów,Poland


Nałęczów is a spa town situated on the Nałęczów Plateau in Poland’s Lublin Province. In the 18th century, the discovery there of healing waters initiated the development of a health resort; the main treatments are for circulatory disorders. Wikipedia

I would love for you to see some of the wonderful photos that were taken in my home country and when  you click on My Trip Home, you will get a chance to see my home land.


Thanks for letting me share with you

Bogdan Fiedur