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The Best Free Anti-Malware of 2013

The Best Free Anti-Malware of 2013

The Best Free Anti-Malware of 2013

It’s great to be able to be connected everywhere we go, although I am very happy there is a way of shutting these things off!

These days, you can do your business virtually anywhere, but there is something we all need to be aware of that all of these tools have in common: Malware.

Malware comes in many forms. It can be as innocuous as a small snippet of software called a “cookie,” set on your computer to keep track of your surfing and clicking habits on a website. Every time you log in anywhere, cookies are used. Most of them are not malware, per se, but they do load up on your computer, and if you never dump your cache, can slow your device down.

Malware, the kind we really need to be aware of, can be code that loads on your computer and collects information on all you do. This is called spyware. It can collect all kinds of data from your computer that you want kept private, in some cases including passwords and banking information.


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McAfee – Internet Safety and the Case of Natural News!

Natural News.com

Natural News.com

How can we trust Internet Safety with McAfee ( anti-virus and security company) who have been caught in defaming innocent websites such as Natural News and when it comes to your  internet safety do you trust websites that use “site reviewers” to tell you if a site is safe?

Its a great question isn’t it?

Sometimes you hear about something that begs to be brought into the light of day and this is one of those times!

Have you ever heard of Natural News?


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Adlandpro certifications and seals

ImageAdlandpro is concerned about customer experience and we have signed up for several programs which certify that our site is free of viruses, that it complies with privacy laws, that purchasing on our site is safe with credit cards and that we provide A+ customer service.

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