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Social Influence – Do You Have Any?

Social influence

Social influence

The fact is when you influence a person you will have an effect on their opinions, their attitudes and even their behaviors.
While many people will teach you about marketing metrics in terms of such things as CAC( customer acquisition costs). CPL ( cost per lead) or even CTR (click through rate) when it comes to social influence – ROI ( Return on Influence) as well as ROE (return on engagement  the waters sure can get very muddy and many people just don’t get it! What is worse they don’t even understand why they need to do this.
Before going any further you need to answer a question. What kind of social media user are you?
If you are the person who is only interested in how many people are in your circles, the huge twitter followers or Facebook fans then I can say with all honesty that  understanding influence and engagement is not for you!

Understanding social influence means how to measure the levels of interaction ( talking and sharing with people ” engagement”  and the reach or influence those interactions have on others.


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Joining in the #LFS Movement

#LFS Movement

#LFS Movement

I am joining a new movement called #LFS where people can learn to talk and not sell or link everyone on Twitter!

……Anyway, this movement is about making Twitter a better place to connect. We’ve gotten so sucked into the marketing aspect of it that the majority of Twitterers use it to gain something like the sale of a new product, another tick mark on their analytics and the warm feeling of accomplishment that comes with the number of Tweets your post got. But rarely is it being used to gain something like a new connection or relationship. At least not like it used to be.

And the culprit? The dreaded link.

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Social Media Etiquette: how to connect with people

Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette

While everyone has their best practices when it comes to connecting with people on the different social networks, I think we can all agree that social media etiquette is important and crosses all the networks.

I remember doing a forum thread on Adlandpro called Social Etiquette, which was very popular by folks and it talked to treating others as you would want to be treated and dealt with online communications.


I realized after getting some friend “invites” on Adlandpro that were at best a sales letter and at worse a spam invite, that maybe it was time to talk about how to get friends and then keep them or maybe a better wording would be how to use good manners when connecting with people.

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Social media tool to JustRetweet

Just Retweet

Just Retweet

While we may laugh at this great cartoon, I know that for myself and I know that many of you have groaned when it comes to creating traffic on Twitter not to mention all the other social networks! 
I’m sure that you are all aware that the best way to get more twitter traffic is to get more retweets to what you are sharing and I’m sure that you know that doing the basics of creating that great content, adding twitter share buttons on your website and newsletters is a given and I bet that you already know the least likeable words to use on twitter right?


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Quote Cover.com – Social Tools

Social Tools - Quote Cover.com

Social Tools – Quote Cover.com

When Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing, everyone knows that you need social tools and resources to help make your life easier and on my page I have been slowly collecting a fine library of social tools for everyone to use and share as needed.

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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 5 – Website promotion Part 1

Bogdan Fiedur during Canoe expedition in Himalaya 1986

We are on river Indus in the area of Karakorum, Pakistan

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Before spending time and money on promotion, it’s worth going through a short checklist to make sure you’re ready to promote the products and services you have selected  or developed:

Is Your Website Ready for Visitors?

1. You have good products and services supported by good sales copy.

2. Your website is easy to navigate and well laid out with an appealing design.

3. It is clear to your visitors what the focus of your website is.

4. Your website hosting is stable and able to support the volume of visitors that your promotions will target.

5. You are not anonymous and provide your visitors with disclosures that will give them confidence of your credibility:

– Your contact details, including a physical location and telephone number is recommended.

– You have an easy-to-find statement relating to the Privacy of information you request visitors to enter in forms on your site,

– A statement relating to security for transactions entered into on your site. If security is provided by third parties (like Paypal, for example) state this – it provides confidence that transactions will be carried out on secure servers.

6. Your webpages are complete with no “dead” links, and meta tags for keywords and descriptions placed for search engines.

Finally, are YOU ready?

Your attitude must be focused on success, the provision of service and support to your visitors – and committed to allocate the time required for promotional processes.

Let’s go then!

Mechanisms of Promotion

First of all – promotion is about exposure, not just selling. What you are focused on is to expose your products and services (through the medium of your promotion) to the correct audience. The correct audience is the prospective buyers of the products and services that you are promoting.

The more targeted your promotion – the better YOUR result will be.

The objective of your promotion, at the most basic level, is to get a viewer of your ad, banner, article, email – whatever… to click on a link .

That link may take the viewer (among other things) to:

– your website home page, or a webpage on your website

– sales copy for a product or service you earn commission from

– the signup page for a program you get a referral benefit from

– a subscription form for a newsletter, course or report (or this can be done direct via an email link to an autoresponder)

The BIG question of promotion, then – is how and where do you place YOUR links to expose them to your target audience?

There is no single promotional element that will provide for all your promotional needs. A combination of methods must be used to create a balanced campaign that reaches prospective buyers over a range of different media.

You must also consider the “lifetime” of links that you place – it might just be there for an hour, a day – or sometimes only seconds, as is the case with much email promotion, that is only a subject line away from the delete button.

The longer that your link remains, the greater the exposure potential is.


We now look briefly at some of the key media for internet promotion:

Search Engines:

Search engines use many methods to index and rank websites, they vary from one to another, and they constantly change. Most are keyword-driven to a large extent, and some of the most important engines also draw relationships between keywords and the content of your website. For some, the number of links pointing to your website is also a factor as this can indicate site popularity.

Search engines will pick up keywords from the meta tag on your webpages when they “spider” the web – either independantly, or following the submission of your webpage URL to them.

Competition for keywords is intense, so you should choose them carefully; there is little point in competing for listing and ranking, as an example, for the keyword “free” against many well established, highly ranked websites.

Similarly, there is often little value in having the top ranking for an obscure keyword that is seldom searched -although you could be sure that any clicks that came your way would be well-targeted.

Most search engines allow submission of single words or phrases as keywords (but, as many databases don’t like spaces we suggest you use an underscore (_) in any keyword phrases.)

Many new marketers make the mistake of submitting too frequently to search engines – often using every free submission service that they find. This can not only result in your webpage being banned for “search engine spamming” – but produce a huge volume of confirmation emails that also add you to many different mailing lists. This makes YOU the promotional target and the mail will come (frustratingly) day after day.

Of paramount importance is the relationship between your keywords and your webpage content. This measurement by search engines is called “keyword density” and it looks at how many times a keyword appears in the content of your page. This is not to say that simply repeating the keywords over and over will improve your ranking – in fact a density that is too high is likely to damage your chances. A maximum density of 4-5% is recommended.

Gateway pages are also used by many marketers, but care needs to be taken not to have too many of these on one domain.
A gateway page simply focuses on a single keyword, using a single page of content that has a high density of the keyword in the content text. Again, don’t overuse this as it could work
against you.

Also, make sure it is NOT simply a copy of another page on your site. Google is a very important source of traffic and takes a very dim view of cloning your pages.

Bogdan Fiedur.

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Who is Your Target Audience?

Cottages at Lake Manitoba Photo by Bogdan Fiedur

Cottages at Lake Manitoba Photo by Bogdan Fiedur

Who is Your Target Audience?

I have noticed that whether it is social media, #AdlandPro or other places where people are marketing online, many people are having difficulty understanding their target audience and so they cast a wide net, hoping against hope they can catch that next lead or sale.

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