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Tips to Stay out of the Spam Folder Jail!

When was the last time you read the Can-Spam act?

How to avoid being put in the spam folder jail|Adlandpro

Sometimes it is the little things that can create total chaos when it comes to delivering marketing emails and after reading an article by Boris Segalis titled “Online Retailers Stumped by Internet Marketing Self-Regulation in an Unwelcome Holiday Surprise”  here is one lesson I learned –

“In one case, for example, these addresses were legitimately collected at the point of sale for customers to receive e-receipts, but the addresses were mistyped. Some of these typo emails were “spamtraps” (also known as “honeypots”), which are email addresses and domain names that ISPs and Spamhaus create to capture spam rather than to communicate.”

It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Well after reading this article I thought it would be a good idea to share with you other ways to avoid the “spam folder” and other such things to think about when you are email marketing

1 “Clean” Your Email List

Most if not all email providers have spam filters which will penalze your IP /domain if it is seen that you are sending emails to bad email accounts. Clean you list regulary to avoid this issue.
2. Provide a Clear Unsubscribe Link

People like to have choices and even though they may have signed up to get information from you, people also need to know they can change their minds! Having a clear way to unsubscribe and then making sure you honor their wishes will make you less likely to mark you as spam and lets face it the avoiding spam complaints is extremely important
3.Think about what you are saying

Spam filters will look at what you are saying and will have your mail go to the spam “jail” if you use risky words.
A few of these spammy words are:
Apply Now
Additional Income/ Extra Income
Dear Friend
Home Based/Work from Home
Mortgage Rates
Save $
Weight Loss
….and I am sure you could add more words to the list

4. Avoid Dirty Tricks

This great tip comes from Kissmetrics and well worth the read ~

Hashbusting: Inserting random characters in the subject line or content to fool spam filters, e.g “F.ree. p.r!z.e”

Deceptive Subject Lines: Starting the subject line with “Re:” or “Fwd:” to suggest an ongoing communication with the sender

Misleading Claims: Subject line stating that the recipient has won a prize, while the copy lists conditions that have to be met in order to claim it.

Image Text: Concealing a text message in an image to fool spam filters

The reality is that even with the tips I have provided here, you still may have a problem with emails being jailed in the spam folder, but being aware of what you are doing, sure cant hurt!

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