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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 9 – Increase Your Potential

Adlandpro Gold Pacakge

Adlandpro Gold Pacakge

In the last topic, we discussed how you should assess and use your affiliation with a program to build an attitude that  will help you to create and support your own network.

In this topic we will take this one step further, to look at the  benefits of upgrading your affiliate membership once you are  focused on developing your business base through:

  1.  Having a clear understanding of your objectives and goals
  2. Understanding the tools and resources that are available to you through the program, and
  3. Using those tools and resources fully and effectively.

As an AdlandPro Affiliate, you now have additional tools and  resources available to you that will take you to the stage where  upgrading your membership to the Gold Member package is part  of a natural and logical process related directly to the needs you  will have to “grow” your business activity.
One resource that you should now access is a “how-to” tutorial  about using AdlandPro, aimed at helping to maximise your use  of resources.

To get this 6 part course, send blank email to
adlandpro@followup.adlandpro.com and put  “My Success Plan” in the subject line.

(if you haven’t done this yet)

When you reach the point that you find you have a need for ALL  the tools and resources available at AdlandPro – it is time for you  to upgrade to Gold Membership.

For a start, it is cheaper for you than purchasing individual tools as  an Affiliate – all tools are part of the Gold Member package.
But there is more. There is no question that your credibility in product,  service and referral marketing is enhanced if you have invested in and  use the products that you promote.

  •  as a user you know that they work, and how
  • as a provider of support to your network you have knowledge and also  demonstrate your commitment and approval by investing in a paid  membership
  • your “user” cost reduces
  • you obtain further benefits as well as access to a new network the  network of other Gold Members

The greatest benefits however relate to your increased ability to generate  a residual income from AdlandPro services, in particular from the  Gold Member upgrade.

As a Gold Member your commissions are increased to 30%

With growth in your network of affiliates you have sponsored you will already be earning commissions on the AdlandPro services they are  using each month.
Now is the time to pass on the learning processes that you will go through, first as an Affiliate, then on upgrading to Gold.

The experience you pass on to your network progresses and motivates THEM as they follow the path you are taking to Online Success.
The more you are able to support and grow YOUR network, the greater success you will have in assisting marketers you sponsor:

  • develop from Free Members to become Affiliates
  • create their business base as affiliates, and
  • upgrade to Gold Membership

Just think, if it should take you even a year to bring 100 sponsored members through to the Gold Member program that is nearly $800 EVERY month in residual income, month, after month, after month as they renew their membership.

Now have a look downstream of this; you are also earning:

  • advertising display credits for your network (and your own) visits to AdlandPro

This gives you network advertising exposure, generated by others, that you created through your network marketing

  • cash bonuses for your network visitor traffic
  • commissions from sales made (2 tiers) by your network
  • commissions from sales that you make personally, NOT just on AdlandPro services, but on other products you have chosen to promote using the platform that your Affiliate and Gold Membership provides you with.

We make no false promises about earning millions overnight.  As we have said throughout this course, success comes from following sound practices, your “can do” attitude and anenvironment that encourages and supports you.

AdlandPro provides that environment at all program levels.  Your Gold Member upgrade can be made from your member  area or the link below:

You can also request 4 part email sequence, first, to learn more about Adlandpro Gold before you upgrade.
Send a blank email to GoldIntro@followup.adlandpro.com  with the subject line, “Help me Go Gold!”

I wish you EVERY success!

My warmest regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

As a Gold Member you will, naturally, find similar resources to this course  to “settle” you in to getting the best benefits possible!


Copyright 2013 AdlandPro


AdlandPro Website Success Course – 8 – Power of Affiliate Marketing

Adlandpro Affiliate Marketing

Adlandpro Affiliate Marketing

In Lesson 7 of the Success Course we mentioned the power  of Affiliate Marketing.
Today I will show you why you should harness this power –  and how to do it, with a reputable well-positioned program.

Choosing the right Affiliate program is the first step, and in time Affiliate Marketers may be members of a number of different programs that meet different needs.

When assessing Affiliate Programs, some of the key factors that should be considered are:

1. Incentives and Benefits

– Is it worthwhile investing your energy in the program?
– Is the program based on REAL products and services and not smoke and dreams?
– Does the program offer access to resources that are of real and usable value, that you need and can market?
– Can you promote the products and services as a user, not just as a marketer?

2. Reliability

– How long has the program been established?
– Is it well hosted with a minimum of downtime?
– Are there testimonials you can check that establish reputation?

3. Confidence

– Are there statements relating to Privacy and Terms of Service?
– Can you be confident of transaction security and tracking?
– Is there accessible contact detail that identifies the website or Program owner?
– What level of support is offered?

4. Suitability

– Is the program compatible with your business goals? (and does it add value)
– Are products and services of quality and reputable?

We see these factors as essential to succeeding as an Affiliate as your identity and credibility becomes linked with the quality and values of programs you affiliate with and promote.

The secret to affiliate marketing is not in your ability to market or promote any particular products or services BUT to develop the ability to market and promote YOURSELF.

– the program, products, services and resources are your tools.

Certainly, you will look for returns in the form of commissions on the products and services that you market successfully yourself.

– however, the benefit you obtain from the sale of products and services by others you have sponsored is THE SUCCESS FACTOR in affiliate marketing.

Your primary objectives must be:

1. To market the PROGRAM to others – who become members of your network and YOUR sales force.

2. To develop a relationship with your network members that goes beyond “making a one-off sale” to them in the form of a referral benefit or commission.

3. To provide support and the benefits of your experience to your network members that is not focused on selling To them, but BY them.

From this basic understanding and approach you create your ability to generate ongoing streams of income from a motivated and active network.

The final part of this series will discuss how you can create this passive, or residual income through upgrading affiliate membership once you have established the foundations for your success.

The AdlandPro Affiliate Program meets and exceeds all the criteria identified as success factors in this topic today, and throughout the Website Success Course.

The choice is now yours! You are invited to act NOW to establish the foundations for YOUR success and join more than 100,000 Affiliates at AdlandPro:


In addition, you can request our 6 part email sequence to learn  more about our program before you join. Send a blank email  to: adlandpro@followup.adlandpro.com
Put  “My Success Plan” in the subject line.

Here you can review another article about affiliate marketing.

Kind regards,

Next lesson…

Bogdan  Fiedur


Copyright 2013 AdlandPro


AdlandPro Website Success Course – 7 – Website promotion (Social Media) Part 3

Adlandpro Social Media Cloud

Adlandpro Social Media Cloud

Previous lesson…

When you realize how much time people spend on places like Facebook ,Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks then understanding how social media marketing can help you in your business becomes understandable. For many people, especially those of you who are used to traditional marketing methods  navigating this terrain can often be confusing as well as challenging, which is why I have created this course.

Before jumping into social media marketing it helps to develop a background so that you can make sense out of everything..so back to school time ( for a short while)

Social media – what is it really?

While many people have created many definitions for social media my definition is:

 “Social Media is a technology used across web and consists of online tools and websites that encourage people to interact with companies, brands, and people. Social media is interactive where you can create a two-way of even a group communication stream, where as with traditional media it is a one way stream an example would be television or print newspapers.

Examples of technology that powers social media are:

  • Blogs
  • social networks
  • podcasts
  • video sharing sites ( YouTube)
  • Photo sharing sites
  • Wikis
  • Social bookmarks
  • RSS
  • Widgets
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts

Now that you have a basic understanding that social media is all about technology, now we can go to social networking. Social networking is about people, organizations, companies ( brands) who are going through the process and practice of interacting with each other through networks ( AdlandPro is a social network) for the purpose of sharing,engaging and collaborating with other people. The wonderful thing about social networking is that because it is so interactive, you can talk about anything and people will talk back to you.

 Social Networking

When you think of the term “six degrees of separation” and the concept that any two people on the planet could make contact through a chain of no more than 5 other people, then you can look at social networking as a way that helps people make contacts that would be good for them to know and people they wouldn’t otherwise meet. Basically how it works is that you join a social site and invite people that you know – those people invite their own contacts to join and they invite their contacts and the process keeps going for every person.It is safe to say that with the advent  social media, people are connecting and have been touched in many ways on a daily basis, from connecting with friends, lost friends, learning the news from all over the world and the way we communicate has been forever changed.

Social Media Marketing

As I have just explained social networking is great for entertainment, talking to friends and family, getting the news on any topic you can think of but because you are promoting a business, then you need to learn a new term and that is social media marketing.   Social media marketing which in easy to understand terms means marketing the social way using different media such as videos, blogs and social networks to give your company/product exposure which will translate into sales, maybe a better way of wording social media marketing is interactive marketing.

Through the use of the different online tools social media marketing can also be used for other reasons

  • Research ideas, and learn more about what customers and prospects are saying about their needs and experiences, and about your products and related areas.
  • Gain new market and competitive insights to improve your products and services.
  • Create and join conversations with customers, prospects, partners and other constituents about key issues and concerns.
  • Create positive word-of-mouth about your products and services.
  • Grow your company’s reputation as a thought leader

Just as 90% of people skip TV commercials the reality is that people will tune out any kind of advertising if they think they are being sold to outright through social networking and when you realize that the average person is exposed to more than 3000 advertising messages every day, then you start to see the challenge of social media marketing when it comes to promoting your business. While this may sound very gloom and doom, the fact that you are reading this and taking it all in, means that you are further a head than many marketers out there, who try to treat social media marketing exactly like traditional marketing.

Some of the differences between traditional marketing and social marketing are:

  • Social media is interactive
  • Traditional marketing is a one way conversation
  • Social media is a one on one marketing
  • traditional marketing is about mass marketing
  • Social media marketing is about real time creation
  • Traditional marketing is about scheduled/pre-produced messages
  • Social media marketing uses informal language ( having a conversation)
  • Traditional marketing is about formal language
  • Social media marketing is about active involvement
  • Traditional marketing is about passive involvement
  • Social media marketing is about user generated ( or brand) content
  • Traditional marketing is professional content
  • Social media marketing is about authentic content
  • Traditional marketing is professional content
  •  Social Media marketing is about YOU
  • Traditional Marketing is about ME

Now that you have an understanding between social media marketing and traditional marketing, is there a right way or a wrong way to tackle social media (marketing)? Many Marketers are under the impression that joining different social networks is enough and that the magic will happen in creating leads or making sales and they would be very wrong!
To have social media marketing really work for you, you need to learn some basics.

1 You will need to join different networks and while some people will say 40, 50 or even 60 social networks,I will say that you need to join those networks where your potential customers will gather and you will have to join enough networks to claim your real estate. The top networks you should be on are

      • AdlandPro
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+
      • Pinterest
      • Tumblr

There is a tool called  Namechk where you can see if your desired username or vanity URL is still available and I would highly suggest you use it to help in your social media planning.

2.  Of the three words in Social Media Marketing the most important one is -> Social. Just like offline, social is about conversations and if all your are going to do is sell, then I can guarantee you won’t get very far. Take the time to socialize, be conversational, offer fresh and interesting content.
3. Your Profile is your resume and a business card! Put thought into building your profile and fill every thing in from music to books to your “bragging rights”  People want to know YOU. If you are setting up a business profile of any kind, then take the time to present a professional presence.  A good question for you to think about is -how do you feel when you go to a profile and all you see is ” Hi my name is xxxx and here is my product to buy” Talk about you first and then put links to your business in the proper places.
4. What are you waiting for? Get active! Make sure to like, follow others who are like-minded businesses,people who share common likes as you, organizations that mean something to you, groups that have the same interests as you. Make sure you are active and participating in conversations. Yes it all takes time, but it is time well spent and really is the best way to earn friends and brand advocates. Make sure you update on all the networks that you are involved in..people really do have short memories!
5. Part of being active is responding to what people are saying. Be generous with your comments, ask questions, leave well thought out comments on a persons blog, forum topic, Facebook post, a twitter message or a G+ discussion.
6. Support your community! Just as in real life, the relationships you form are special. Like in real life there are gives and takers. Create a good balance of giving and taking. A golden rule to follow would be – show support to your network if you expect them to support you!

I will end this lesson with the  two rules of social media marketing:

Rule 1:  Be REAL!  The people on social networks want to see you for who you are. This doesn’t mean they want to know EVERYTHING about you, but they do want to know if you are real. Putting up a facade will not work and don’t do the smoke and mirrors on people. Be transparent and be willing to share.

Rule 2:  You have to be active before the door slams in your face. Join the conversations and make your voice heard.

My next lesson will continue on the journey of social media marketing where I will talk about strategies and social networks.

Till next time,  read, think and plan on being active.

Next lesson…

Bogdan Fiedur.


Copyright 2013  AdlandPro


AdlandPro Website Success Course – 6 – Website promotion Part 2

See previous lesson on web promotion

Website promotion

Website promotion

Pay Per Click (ppc) Search Engines


With ppc search engines, you bid for the ranking of your keyword and only pay each time a visitor clicks on the ad or listing that is associated with your keyword. The benefit
of this is that your visitors are targeted to your keyword.

There are now many ppc search engines and you must choose carefully which ones you use. PPC services like those offered by Google and Bing can be quite expensive, so you need  to calculate the conversion rate of your clickthroughs to sales so that you don’t end up paying more for the visits than your returns justify.

There are also many “emerging” ppc engines that do not have the volume of visitor traffic to deliver you with visitors over a reasonable period of time so you can find you have
promotional cost invested that is not being used.

A new concept being introduced by AdlandPro is “Paid Keyword Advertising” Through this you can associate keyword(s) with your ads at AdlandPro (even the free ads) and bid to determine how high they are ranked in search results. With a high traffic site like AdlandPro you can be sure of good targeted results, so get in as soon as they are available to get the benefit of best prices before the bid cost increases.

Check it out here. http://pk.adlandpro.com

Search Directories

There are many search directories on the internet that are specialised and have an audience related to their particular category. Links placed at these directories automatically act
as a filter for targeted visitors for any appropriate products and services that you can place links to there.

Some goods example are the Yahoo search directory and the Open Directory Project (or DMOZ), which let you suggest a site, and only Yellow Pages (which are paid listings).

If, for example, you wanted to be listed in the Yahoo directory, http://dir.yahoo.com , look for “suggest a site” or “add URL” on their webpages, follow their directions, and make sure you
put your site in the correct category.
The same basic rules hold true at http://www.dmoz.org/

When you are trying to get your site listed in a directory, make sure you put it in the right category, or it will not be accepted.

– browse through the categories and click the “suggest a site” link wherever you can appropriately add your url.

It takes a while to get listed in these directories, but these listings have a good lifetime – they are permanent links.

Yellow Page ads are also good listings, but they are not free.

Classified Advertising

There are many classified directories that you can place free ads and links in. You will find a selection of these on Yahoo and other directories.

If you want to place free ads that you can enhance with various advanced options, the AdlandPro Classified Network is definitely the place to start.

Enter your free classified ads at:


Traffic Generation


There are many programs that help you to build traffic sources by exchange methods. With these you get a ratio of impressions of your banner or ad that relates to the websites that you visit that are in the program, or links clicked through by visitors to your website.

The most commonly used (with resource link) are:

– Banner Exchanges

– Traffic Exchanges

– Link Exchanges

browse for some to build your traffic at:

With some traffic exchanges you can get a false impression of visitors, when it is really just other exchange members clicking to get credits.

With the AdlandPro system there are a number of ways that you can earn credits and the dead click problem is solved as all visits are optional – resulting only in qualified and responsive visitors to your website.


Writing Articles

Perhaps one of the most effective means of wide exposure for free is to write articles and comments for targeted newsletters published by others.

The core be

nefits of this are:
– you are reaching subscriber lists that others have built
– you are putting your name and url “out there” and can establish and reinforce your credibility with well written topical articles and comment.
We believe the Adland Digest to be the best moderated discussion list there is on marketing, promotion and income generation. All the content of the Digest is contributed by an active readership, and you are able to participate in this in many ways:

– responding to articles and comments

– contributing articles and comments

– reviewing other reader’s websites

– requesting reviews of your website

With more than 30,000 readers, the Digest is a valuable forum or learning and introducing yourself to others pursuing online business activities.

You can visit the Digest archives – and see for yourself, here:

Email Promotion

We believe that email marketing and promotion must be approached with care and responsibility. Resistance to unsolicited commercial email  and spam is rising with the sheer volume that is flooding mailboxes.

(If you don’t know what spam is go to any search engine and type “spam.”)

If you are serious about developing a long-term, successful business activity on the internet, being seen as a “spammer” will damage your reputation and credibility, and will inevitably lead to risks of other penalties as legislation is introduced in your various markets, and as the very people you are trying to reach become more and more  resistant.

Opt-in Email Lists

The solution, to avoid these risks, is to ensure that you use verifiable opt-in procedures when building your Mailing Lists.

Using professional services and/or software is also part of the efficiency path to success through automation.

– Subscribes and unsubscribes are automatic and immediate
– Follow-up sequences can be set up once and require little maintenance
– Don’t waste bandwidth on “bad” addresses and frequent bounces (you can verify and set remove conditions)

Offering free reports, courses, downloads or other value to your visitors is a proven method of increasing the subscribe rate to your newsletter or mailing list. A targeted mailing list with responsive subscribers is the most valuable asset that you can develop for your promotional platform.

BUT, you must give value to your list and not just PROMOTE to them – a mailing list gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with your subscribers.

Along with this opportunity comes the responsibility of treating your new customers with the same kind of care and respect you would expect for yourself.
Don’t waste the long term benefit for a short term profit.

As discussed in a previous segment of this course, Autoresponders that allow you to set up a sequence of messages are a powerful promotional tool. Many purchase decisions are not made until the 4th or 5th message has been absorbed (and progressively reinforced)
– just remember that at that point your promotional material (needs to)  lead to a sale –

If you don’t ultimately tell a viewer to “click here” or “buy now” it is most likely that they won’t.

To review and refresh your knowledge of the benefits of building YOUR list with the AdlandPro opt-in list builder, autoresponders or advanced advertising options, decide now – and follow the link:


Email Signatures

You send emails every day.

Do they all have a one line pitch and the URL of your website  under your name?
If they don’t you are losing valuable exposure.

Simply check the options in your email program and set up  signatures to promote your website or merchandising pages.
Don’t overdo it – many find more than one signature line link offensive.
Finally for this section (which could be a book on it’s own) don’t overlook the promotional power that you create for yourself as an active affiliate recruiting others to a good reputable program.
The people you sponsor become part of YOUR sales force, and anything that you can do to motivate and support them will repay you many times over.
Because Affiliate Promotion is such a powerful platform for promotion we have added a further two lessons to this course that will show you how, as an affiliate of an established and reputable program, you can use some actual products and services to put you on the path of success.

Good luck with your website!

Next Lesson…

Bogdan Fiedur.


Copyright 2013  AdlandPro


A Primer on Landing Pages

A Primer on Landing Pages

A Primer on Landing Pages

I read a great post by Mike Allton regarding Landing pages which he describes as

A landing page is any page of your website that is specifically designed to communicate to a specific audience regarding a specific product or service, typically targeting a specific keyword phrase that you want to rank well on. One of the first misconceptions about websites that trip up a lot of business owners is that not everyone who visits your website goes through the Home page. Thanks to search engines and direct links on social networks or ads, people can go to specific pages of your site. A landing page is therefore designed to take advantage of that fact, and it is expected that someone who gets to a landing page went there directly, and never saw your home page. That new visitor is said to have landed on your site through this page.

Continue reading..

E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop – Part 4 – Determine search keywords for your solution

Look for keywords

Look for keywords


I know that this task can be quite challenging particularly if you had not done it before. You need to get on the higher level of thinking if you want to be independent and enjoy what you are doing. You must become a solution provider. Not a reseller or broker. You are the one who is the driving force and the one who comes up with the ideas. Money will come once you create some value for other people.

Continue reading…

AdlandPro Website Success Course – 4 – Website Design!

Previous lesson 3

Beautiful rays of sun coming through trees Photo by Bogdan Fiedur

Beautiful rays of sun coming through trees Photo by Bogdan Fiedur

Are you ready for Part 4 ?

This is where we will show you:

A) What design software is available.
B) The 3 most important rules for website design.
C) Other design considerations.

If the design talk is above you at the moment, don’t worry, you will soon catch on – and if your  main aim is to get a SITE THAT SELLS up and running fast, then put up a simple site first and  develop it later.

Believe me, you only need a SIMPLE site to make money on the web. It is the words and techniques you use to sell your product or service that will generate an income for you online. You can waste valuable time concentrating on all the wrong things, such as learning how to make animated gifs and Java applets!

All you need is a catchy logo and to follow our tips below on good site design.

A) Which Design Software to use ?

If you are new to website design, it will take you quite a long time to produce your own professional looking site if you try to do it from scratch.

However you can get a ready-made professional site with numerous templates to choose from when you go to

You can customize the site completely and do not have to display any annoying banners!

If you understand basic HTML you will have more control over what you can do with your site. There is an excellent introduction to HTML – located at:

If you want a WYSIWYG program or want to do it all yourself, it is all available at http://members.adlandpro.com/redir/freewebsitenew.asp
From their WYSIWYG editor, to easy-to-use CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Joomla or Mambo, it’s all there with both instructions and support.
In the meantime however read on to find out the secret to successful design.

B) The 3 Most Important Rules of Web Design

You need to remember that website design is not only about having an attractive site, there are a number of other considerations.

1) The CONTENT of your site must be interesting and worthwhile.

2) The site must be easy to navigate.

3) Don’t overload your pages with slow loading graphics.

Let us look at each of these in more detail.

1) The CONTENT must be interesting and worthwhile.

Someone once said, “Content is king,” and this is even more true, today. This is the most important rule of web design.
Fresh, interesting, unique content is what the search engines are looking for and what will get you found amongst all the millions of websites now online.
Once someone has come to your website, you must give them a reason to stay on it. You must make it “sticky”
– and can use one or more of the following.

– make your site different to the thousands of other sites out there.

– include unique content – if someone has come to your site, you have what they are looking for, so present your information or product in a unique way which will make a visitor choose your site over another.

– include FREE products, or free information – or a FREE newsletter! See example here.

– Include a message board or a chatroom or create a community setting which keeps visitors coming back to your site. See example here.

– you can even offer a free web-based email service from your site. See example here.

– UPDATE YOUR SITE frequently to keep your visitors coming back and your ranking up in the search engines like Google.
You could run a weeklyblog, for example.

2) Navigation

a) Make sure that when a visitor first visits your site, they can get what they want with one or at most 3 clicks of a mouse.

b) Make sure that the buttons or links to your pages are obvious.

If you want to use button links (graphical links) for navigation, make sure to use alt text (don’t worry – that will be explained later) and have text links to your web pages as well, perhaps at the bottom of each page. This is because some people disable images so that they can browse faster, AND more importantly, some search engines do not follow hyperlinks from images, so when they spider your site, they will not pick up the linked pages. You want to make your site as search engine friendly as possible!

c) If your site is very large and you cannot make navigation easy with one or two clicks, consider using a pop-up or drop-down menu. You can download nearly any script you might need for free from The Java Script source at http://www.javascriptsource.com/ and you don’t need to know how to write Javascript to use scripts – you can “cut and paste” the script
into your HTML.

If you have not got to grips with HTML yet, leave the Javascript till later. If you choose to use a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, many of these things are simple to do with just a few clicks, if you take the time to follow the detailed and simple instructions they offer.

3) Optimize your Graphics

Use .jpeg (.jpg) and .gif graphics for your images.
These are the two file formats universally used on the web – basically because they take up less space without much loss of quality.

a) Optimization – This is where an image is reduced to its smallest file size while retaining its best quality.

A basic rule of thumb is save the images in .jpeg  format for photos and use the .gif format for your logos, and other graphics. Understanding the difference in how these file formats compress an image is important in designing good web pages.

For a more in depth look at JPEGs vs GIFs have a look at http://www.TheWebsEye.com/graphics.htm .

You will also find links here to some good FREE graphics sites as well as where to download trial versions of software for creating graphics. PAINT.Net is an excellent, Open Source (FREE) very powerful and easy-to-use program, available from http://www.filehippo.com .
(We suggest you bookmark that site, as it is a fantastic source of free and safe software.)

b) The second thing to remember is that the larger an image is the more KB it will take up, so don’t fill your page with photos that are 600 x 480 pixels that take up the whole screen
– most visitors will not wait for such large graphics to download.
However remember also that you can make a large GIF take up only a few KB by using one or two colors – useful for backgrounds. Here is a good tutorial on how to deal with large images if you need to have them on your page:

c) Finally remember there is no point in including unnecessary graphics on your page – they only take up space.
Don’t waste space with Java applets or animated GIFs just because you want to show off some cool new effect unless the graphics will really make your site sticky.

Once again – look at it from your visitors point of view – Will the graphics really make your site sell?

C) —- Other Design Considerations —-

There are a number of other things to consider when designing your site:

Not all browsers see your web pages the same way. If you designed a great looking site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, try also viewing it in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari; it might look very different ! Keep changing it until it looks right in all these popular browsers.

Not everyone has the same resolution screen. Most use 1024×768, but some use higher resolutions. Some still use 800×600 pixel screens. Add to this the fact that more and more  people are using tablets and smart phones and other hand held devices, and it can seem a bit overwhelming!
Don’t worry… we have you covered!

If you design with 1024×768 in mind, your site should still look fine in higher or lower resolutions. Bear in mind that if you have a lot of text, long strings of text are more difficult to read than shorter ones, but if you need to get around the browser size factor, you can use tables with widths specified as percentages instead of pixels.

HTML allows widths of tables and forms to be defined as a specific number of pixels, or as a percentage of the browser window.
By using the percentage option, the elements defined are seen in relationship to the viewer’s own browser window. If you specify 90% you leave room for a margin.

When using percentages, you also need to test the page in various browser window widths to assure sure that you get the desired layout. What appears on separate lines in a narrower width may be strung out in a single line across a wider screen.

But don’t worry much about this. There are several ways to deal with that they we can deal with later.

– Frames –

There is a place for using frames on the web… For example, if you want a certain part of your site to be always visible without having to reload each time, or to be always visible when a visitor scrolls down the contents.

There are some disadvantages however. For example if you want to reference a particular page of your website in an email or newsletter, it will load without the frames and therefore without the navigation menu. Therefore you need to refer visitors to the index page.

Also some search engines find it it difficult to index a frames site because they treat each frame as a link;  however you can get around this by putting content which you want the  search engines to find in the <NOFRAMES> tag</NOFRAMES> which comes at the end of the page after the frameset.
Before using frames, carefully consider whether or not your site will benefit. Remember that much of this is optimized for the search engines and a pleasing layout when you use the readily available CMS like WordPress and others. There are other aspects of website design which run into the next topic – website promotion.

We will take a look at this when we look at promotion in next lesson.

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Bogdan Fieldur.

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