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Adlandpro Gold Membership – How To Cash In With Your Own Mini Site

Adlandpro Minisites

Adlandpro Minisites

How To Cash In With Your Own Mini Site

For years marketers were trying to out do each other creating bigger and bigger sites.

They competed with each other to see who had the most:

* Content

* Free resources

* Educational material

While the competition was escalating among the majority of marketers, there were a handful of marketers quietly cashing in with direct response web sites.

These direct response sites were designed to do nothing more than sell … sell … sell.

They weren’t worried about content, offering freebies or anything else that would distract the visitor from buying.

If you visited their site you either bought or left. There was no in between.

A few of these marketers let the cat out of the bag and started telling others how much they were making.



“The more I visit Adland the more I am impressed by the site. Everything works the way it is supposed to work. You click and …no surprise! The site is clean and crip with main components repeated, so loading time is reduced. I did an impossible renovation job on my ad today, went back about 4 times to make sure it came out just right. Some other websites would have balked at my antics.

Adland came through with flying colours!



Marketers began realizing there was big money in these sites.

They only needed one to five pages to make the sale.

They no longer had to load their sites with tons of content.

They didn’t have to constantly update their sites.

They could just put up a direct response site and send traffic to it.

Many of these marketers found they weren’t achieving the same results as the big money earners. They didn’t realize that there was a duplicatable system for
creating mini sites that sell.

As an Adlandpro Gold member you have access to the tools necessary to cash in on the mini site goldmine.

The Adlandpro Learning Library worth over $1200.00 USD gives you the tools you need to cash in on the mini-site craze. You’ll find everything you need to start building
websites, managing affiliate programs, earning commissions and more.

To grab your copies, go to this link and then choose from 8 categories of resources:

For list of all Gold Member features go here.

Adlandpro Gold Membership

Adlandpro Gold Membership

Yours truly,

Bogdan Fiedur

Adlandpro Gold

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McAfee – Internet Safety and the Case of Natural News!

Natural News.com

Natural News.com

How can we trust Internet Safety with McAfee ( anti-virus and security company) who have been caught in defaming innocent websites such as Natural News and when it comes to your  internet safety do you trust websites that use “site reviewers” to tell you if a site is safe?

Its a great question isn’t it?

Sometimes you hear about something that begs to be brought into the light of day and this is one of those times!

Have you ever heard of Natural News?


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Free classified advertising tips – Don’t make these mistakes!

Free Classifieds #Adlandpro

Free Classifieds #Adlandpro

When it comes to creating ads, I see the same mistakes over and over again. Before telling you of a great resource that I found that will help people write a good ad, here are my 4 top pet peeves that I see people doing every day on free classified advertising sites.


Free classified advertising does work IF you know what you are doing, but many people are making the same mistakes over and over again!

Considering Adlandpro is a free classified advertising site, I decided to take a bit of time to talk about the problems with many of the ads I am seeing being put on the the different classified sites in the hopes that you will not make these same mistakes.  After all the point to putting an ad on a free or paid classified site is to be seen and taken seriously.


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Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 6

Adlandpro Traffic

Adlandpro Traffic

Previous lesson…


The most powerful revenue stream that you can create provides you with recurring income, month after month.

AdlandPro Gold Membership is all about giving you the  tools and resaleable services  (along with a powerful advertising medium)  to generate an expandable monthly income that grows
with your skills and the resources you develop.

We provide Gold Members with all of the tools and resources outlined in previous lessons in a single package.

Then we add even more benefits to make this package a complete income generation and resource support center.

Gold Members enjoy the following package of benefits take a look – then we will outline how you can use this to earn a renewable monthly income.

1. Your commissions are increased from 20% to 30% (plus traffic credits for 2 levels)

2. Receive 5,000 impressions each month on a Traffic Exchange Network.

3. Your ad automatically renewed every hour on one of the most-visited Classified sites

4. An UNLIMITED number of free ads on the AdlandPro Network

5. Free email

6. A free 7 Day Website Success course by email

7.A free subscription to an active Marketing and Promotion Discussion list with 25,000 members  (learn what others are doing, get some exposure)

8.URL and Ad Tracking

9.Unlimited Autoresponders

10.Mail List builder – Targeted Newsletters with your ad go to YOUR subscribers

11. A supportive learning and earning environment.

Join AdlandPro as a Gold Member today and we will:

* provide you with all the benefits listed above

* prepare a step by step blueprint for you to follow using your Gold Member tools and income opportunities to build and sustain an internet income.

Join now…  enjoy the future


Kind regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

AdlandPro FREE World’s Classifieds

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